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Today my boyfriend went to the texas department of public safety to take his drivers test but got there late.?

They gave him his vision test, took his fingerprints took his picture and he paid the 25 dollar fee (which I thought only needed to be paid IF you pass the test as a fee to get the license?) I realize laws may have changed since I got mine with was about 6 years ago.. Then they set him up with an appointment to come back this coming tuesday to take the test but it just seems kind of weird they would make him pay the 25 dollars if he hasnt actually taken or passed the test yet. How ever he did do the dps approved drivers ed course online which is now required if your under 25. Does anyone know if laws have changed? do they now charge you 25 dollars regardless if you pass or fail? And does that mean if he fails he has to pay the 25 every time until he passes it?

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    For sure,

  • 9 years ago

    so you think you should only pay if you pass ?. Charging a fee makes people use their brain

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