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First time credit card for 21 year old?

I am 21 years old. I go to school full-time and work-time. I've been working at the same place for almost two years. I also have a bank account, which is in good standing. I'm ready to open a credit card to start building credit. I was wondering, what are a few different ones to look at? Thanks.

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    Look for a 1% cash back card or better.

    Capital One Rewards offers 1.5% cash back.

    Their interest rate is high, but since your goal is to get good credit, you will be paying this credit card in full each month. Therefore you will never pay interest.

    Carrying balaces is the easiest way to destroy credit.

    Do not fall for their 0% for 6 month traps.

    CEO's get paid millions for a reason. They know how to get you in the habit of carrying a balances with these initial offers. Pay in full each month even if they don't charge interest (for the sake of your credit score).

    Go to and see what you like.

    Click on Credit cards, then click on best for cash back.

    Compare it to what your bank has to offer.

    CapOne does not make you go online to get a check to be mailed to your home.

    They will deposit that cash back right into your credit card account automatically.

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    If you don't have a credit history you have to be very lucky to get a, even a high APR one, credit card, and you'll need a miracle to get a rewards credit card like these people here are suggesting you to get.

    Banks wont give you a credit card just because you think you're ready for one, you have to prove them you can pay back the money the're lending you and that's a little complicated without data on your credit report unless you want a store credit card.

    Good luck!

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    City Forward for college students. I love it! Every time you use this card, you earn points. You can read more about this card in the following link:

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