What are some related songs to till the last shots fired by trace atkins?

What are some songs related to till the last shots fired by trace atkins? Besides tears of god by josh turner.



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  • 9 years ago
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    Brothers - Dean Brody

    Camouflage - Tyler Farr

    The Dashboard - Chris Young

    If Your Reading This - Tim McGraw

    Letters From Home - John Michael Montgomery

    Arlington - Trace Adkins

    8th Of November - Big & Rich

    Some Gave All - Billy Ray Cyrus

    Where Were You When The World Stoped Turning - Alan Jackson

    Bumper Of My SUV - Chely Wright

    American Child - Phil Vassar

    Have You Forgotten - Darryl Worley

    I Just Came Back From A War - Darryl Worley

    In God We Still Trust - Diamond Rio

    American Soldier - Toby keith

    Where The Stars and Stripes and The Eagles Fly - Aaron Tippen

    Stars and Stripes Forever-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

    I'm Proud To Be An American-Lee Greenwood

    America The Beautiful-John Denver

    If I Don't Make It Back-Tracy Lawrence

    More Than A Name On A Wall-Statler Brothers

    The Ballad of Ira Hayes-Bob Dylan

    America Will Survive-Hank Williams, Jr.

    This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag-Charlie Daniels Band

    Homeland-Kenny Rogers

    Hey Mr. President-The Warren Brothers

    God, Family and Country-Craig Morgan

    The Other Little Soldier-Josh Gracin

    Riding With Private Malone-David Ball

    Angry American (Courtesy of the Red, White, Blue)-Toby Keith

    Tattoo's on This Town - Jason Aldean, I never thought of the song in this sence untill I saw the video but it really hit me hard when it played out with a soldier not making it home and his son wearing his hat.

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