Looking for NJ gardening tips?

My boyfriend and I are hoping to start a garden this spring/summer. We live in North Jersey and I'm just looking for some basic pointers on how to start out. Right now we're thinking of tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and some herbs as well, but we're open to other suggestions for what to plant. I'm also curious to learn about flowers that might be helpful either as natural pest deterrents or something to attract bees for pollination. Thank you in advance for your help!!

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    1. Have your garden soil tested. Your County Rutgers Agricultural Extension Office is a good place to ask for testing procedures. It is helpful if not important to know what the PH of your garden soil is and also what nutrients it lacks. You can save money in the long run by only adding what is needed in the proper proportions. If the soil is not within a proper PH, the plants may not be able to absorb the nutrients properly and will not grow as well.

    2. If lime is needed, adding it several months ahead of time will adjust the PH of your garden when it is needed for planting. Do not add the fertilizer until you are ready to plant as the nutrients will leach away over time and be wasted.

    3. Prepare the garden by loosening the soil, hoeing the clumps, raking out the stones and smoothing the top.

    4. Many plants can be directly seeded into the garden when the soil warms to the proper temperature. Depending on where you live the time for sowing seeds varies.

    5. Some plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant need a head start to plant them at the right time when the temperature is above 70 degrees and all danger of frost is past. If you can not start the plants ahead of time indoors in a sunny place buy them from a reputable plant outlet. Check the plants to make sure they are healthy and not aphid or white fly infested.

    6. I live in South Jersey and plant my garlic in the fall which has always worked well...even last winter and the one before with all the snow. Garlic needs a long, cool moist growing season. Plant it right away and see what happens.

    7. Many herbs are perennials and will winter over. I now plant many in large pots that I can move around and semi protect in the winter (thymes, oreganos, rosemary, marjoram) Sage and Lavender I plant directly although they could also be planted in pots. Basil, dill and cilantro are annuals which I seed directly into the garden.

    8. Flowering herbs will attract bees as will most flowers both annuals like marigolds, zinnias and cosmos, all very easy to grow with your vegetables. Nasturtiums are said to deter pests as is garlic. Perennials such as fennel,echinacea and sedum attract bees and butterflies. They will come back each year so choose your planting spot wisely.

    Your County Rutgers Extension Office has a wealth of information. Check it out and have a good growing season.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    I totally agree with your decision. Spring is the best season to start gardening. Because the whether conditions during spring are best for the growth of plants. And go for small flowering plants like Narcissus, Iris, Hyacinths, Tulips, etc.

    Source(s): www.dutchgrown.com/fall-planted-bulbs.html
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    Grow what you like to eat -- hope you have a full sun location, veg will not do well in shade.

    Here are companion plants to repel bad bugs: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=companion+plantin...

    And to attract polinators: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=plants+that+attra...

    Best deterrant/attractant plants I know of are Dill Weed and Marigold.

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    a lot of forums cover that, google "gardening forums" never understood why NJ is the garden state.. seems like fla or calif would have got that one.. onions, i like growing a variety of beans, doing the harvest adding them to raw salad.. can't name types, SC is sorta like very southern tip of the Garden state.. it's 74 today here in Charleston

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