Is Fox anti-free market? They want the FDA to intervene on methotrexate?

I was listening to Fox News yesterday and they were discussing the shortage of preservative-free methotrexate, which is a critical drug in the treatment of childhood leukemia.

This drug turned the survival rates in children with this leukemia from 10% to 90%, but now the drug company that makes it is not making enough money on it, so they have closed manufacturing plants.

Fox was actually commending the FDA for interfering with our free market system. What gives? Shouldn't the FDA stay out of this? If a company is not making a profit on something, what right does the government have to tell a company they have to produce it?

Update 2:

@ crash - they likely were commentators, but they were only discussing the issue of the company not making enough money on the drugs. I just found this article this moring - it's related, but not exactly as discussed yesterday.

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    9 years ago
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    I think actually, the point was that if we are GOING to have an F.D.A., then they should DO THEIR JOB.

  • 9 years ago

    What you were listening to was most likely a commentator for Fox, and not Fox itself. Fox commentators have all sorts of opinions, and don't get shut down just because an opinion may conflict with Fox as a whole.

    You are thinking about others who shut down employees for having an opinion, like MSNBC or NPR.

    EDIT: According to the fox article you just cited, the reason for not producing enough of the drugs was due to quality issues, and not because they weren't making enough money.

    "The Johnson & Johnson drug hasn’t been available for new patients for months after J&J’s contract manufacturer had to shut down because of quality lapses."

  • 9 years ago

    Nonsense at it's top

    So, for you, asking to OPEN THE MARKET to other methotrexate producers means being "anti-free market"?

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