what are key social, biological, political, and economic factors that impact population growth?

preferably population growth in bulgaria.

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    Population growth is defined by the death rate and the fertility rate, or birthrate. However, when the death rate is high, the birthrate is normally also high. When medical advances first began to reduce the deathrate, the fertility rate initially remained high and the world's population grew rapidly.

    Factors that can affect the global fertility rate include scientific and medical advances, health and nutrition, and prosperity and financial security. Religion also plays an important but declining role. Social attitudes to marriage and children are also influencial, but these attitudes are arguably secondary, resulting from the options that have become available.

    Cheap and effective contraception became widely available in the 1960s, leading to a rapid fall in the fertility rate of advanced countries. Couples could now reliably control their family size, as well as delaying the arrival of their first child.

    The long-term, global solution to overpopulation is prosperity. In country after country, it has been found that rising incomes and greater financial security have led to falling fertility rates. In fact, some of the wealthiest countries in the world already have fertility rates well below long-term replacement levels.

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    inhabitants explosions are purely approximately continuously linked with financial advance, an advance in people ability an advance in production- that's even stated that some international locations that have decrease populations could desire to in actuality no longer have the skill to help the infrastructure to have social mobility- for this reason if say countless the underpopulated international locations in Africa did no longer have the government issues, they could desire to have too few people to help the circulate of foodstuff and supplies. look at the Cato Institute for extra learn on economics

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