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making and cooking raw sausage?

I want to start making my own deer sausage and casing it to make recipes like gumbo and such that i cook in a skillet do i have to smoke the sausage first cant i just cut the pieces up and put them into the skillet and cook for an hour? or can i cook it in the oven really low for a few hours till its done

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    You will find online how to make them and understand there is no need to cook them for hours and pan frying or grilling them for a few minutes each side will do them well enough to eat.

    If you want to cut them up and cook them for an hour or longer they are easiest to parboil but not so long as they will burst.

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    Have a look at the two videos here and below on the same page are recipe and instructions.

    Hope this helps or at least gives you some good ideas.

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