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What is a good way to handle road rage?

I was pulling onto a road when someone cut me off. They stopped their car and got out to yell at me and give me the finger. I got out of my car with my 1911 handgun, chambered a round and pointed it in their face. I've never seen someone go from being an angry a**hole to an obedient citizen so fast! People learn quickly when they realize they are only a finger squeeze away from death.

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    Well, in my world I would go to jail for such an act as you just claimed. Although I have carried concealed for years I have only had to protect my life once by drawing my sidearm. He rushed me with the full intent on killing me, I drew my firearm and fired to stop his threat only, it was not my fault the idiot died, I was only firing to stop the threat to my life. I didn't even have to go to court after this shooting, because I did everything right.

    Now if you got out of your car with your 1911 handgun, I would perceive you a violant threat to my life, or great bodily harm to me, and while you were chambering a round, I would have put at least two rounds, or as many as it took to remove the threat to me out of my 1911 Colt ACP center of mass. You see I carry my 1911 cockedandlock, I don't have to take the time to chamber a round.

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  • Jacob
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    and i highly doubt that you would kill them because they have road rage. don't be ridicules. and your story doesn't make sense, they cut you off, and them they stop the car and have a go at you?

    get your made up story right, before you tell it to us

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