Why do some North-Americans insist on continuing in ignorance?

I make this question because of my uncle, who traveled to the land you up and suffered discrimination because of nationality. He suffered prejudice solely because of ignorance of some who seek to know before you, as a label people because of their nationality. And he is not an exception. If you do not want to read the text with the excuse that is too large, and continue with ignorance, do not complain then.

Firstly, I am Brazilian. Okay so far, what came to your mind? If you even know what really is my country, congratulations, you're an exception.

For you, it would be strange in Brazil someone with a computer? If so, you better rethink their concepts. I, for one, as I write this, I am also checking messages on my email, and following a chat on my facebook on my notebook. Here in Brazil, everyone has a computer, less miserable homeless. Today, I woke up, ate cereal with milk and biscuits for breakfast, and turned on my Volkswagen Fox model, and drove through streets paved, to the supermarket. I paid by credit card. I got home, I saw a television program, and had lunch (today is a holiday here). Did you get the idea, or some still have this image of Brazil as if it were an'' Indian country''?

I live in a town called Governador Valadares, in the eastern state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. You know what is a city? According to the United Nations, the city is an entire population over 20 000 inhabitants. My city has 265,000 inhabitants. My city is run by the city, the Forum and the City Council, which together coordinate the municipality. Governador Valadares has supermarkets, police, hospitals, schools, buildings, offices, modern cars, airport, bus station, pizza, shopping, cafes, parks, traffic lights, paved streets and avenues, and other characteristics that perhaps some of his country would never imagine that exist in Brazil.

There are about 5,565 municipalities nationwide, some with a population greater than that of many countries (Sao Paulo with 11 million inhabitants), others with less than a thousand people, some with an area larger than several countries in the world (Altamira, Pará, is almost two times larger than Portugal). There is no room for forests. There are but two biomes well preserved, the Amazon Forest and the Pantanal, but these regions there are hundreds of large cities, more than my city. The only places where there are forests, are demarcated by the government as well as the villages where the Indians live.

I will not forget to mention the Indians. In Brazil, the vast majority of indigenous communities living in collective land, declared by the federal government for its exclusive use. They're not necessarily in the middle of the Amazon, and most of them receive clothing, medicines and personal care products of the country's government. The more than 230 indigenous peoples account for, 817,963 people. 315,180 live in cities and 502,783 in rural areas, which corresponds to approximately 0.42% of total population, which is 190,732,694 people.

To finish, I would say do not eat bananas every day, only once a week, and almost nobody knows the Carmen Miranda. I just know how the Amazon because of reports of the Discovery Channel. Not in the city of Rio de Janeiro there are naked women walking down the street, and not naughty prostitutes. Nobody listens samba, only in the Carnival, and people walk around with clothes in the street, even then, understand? Many people do not like and will not ace carnival celebrations, like me, because it goes against my Christian principles. The streets and shops are organized, is not a bit like Cuba or India. Brazil is Brazil. Equal and different from all at once. Just write these things to change a bit the image I have know many of my country.

Okay, now you know that Brazil is not'' Indian land''.

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  • Gofer
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    8 years ago
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    Don't stereotype all North Americans (I assume you specifically mean the USA) based upon your uncle's experience. Idiots live in every country and don't necessarily represent the majority. The majority would have no problem with his nationality and would treat him just fine.

    My family hosted a Brazilian foreign-exchange student in veterinary medical school. She was from Rio and was actually of Japanese decent. I am well aware that not all citizens of Brazil are Indians running around in the forest with spears and blowguns and little flaps covering their business .

    Do I know everything about Brazil? Of course not. Do you know everything about the USA? I highly doubt it.

  • 8 years ago

    Congrats on your advanced civilization. You will probably outlast us here in America, as brazil is far more energy indepenent and fiscally responsible than we are. While you have plenty reason to be proud of being brazilian, I think you are promoting the same caveman image of india that you percieve people promote about brazil. Indians also use computers and have markets and volkswagens. India is emerging as a world leader in technology development. I think you should give them some credit.

  • Mark
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    8 years ago

    So we can read ignorant questions like this. You know the ones like "I've never been to North America, but my uncle has."

    Actually, Brazil is "Indian land", as you put it. Most of the tribes have either been wiped out, assimilated, or live far into the Amazon Rainforest, in the foothills of the Andes.

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