How do Environmental Engineers help with natural disasters; hurricanes, droughts, blizzards or earthquakes?

For instance: how would they aid in reconstruction, protect the public, and integrate emergency responce.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Environmental engineers wouldn't get involved possibly as much as you think. If gasoline or toxic waste gets dumped over or broken open, they would be there for site remediation. Perhaps their biggest contribution would be to assess the hydrological impact of the storm to the watershed, the channels/rivers/culverts or the sewage system.

    They are commonly put to order when a major flood would occur and a culvert is destroyed or another piece of the infrastructure and the entire system would need to be redesigned (or not).

    They may help during a drought to design a system to reclaim and recycle water more efficiently at the time and help educate others on the matter.

    Generally, environmental engineers would likely just use the data and offer support and recommendations to anything in the infrastructure related to water use that was broken.

    Source(s): Michigan Tech, B.S. Environmental Engineering
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