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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceTaxesUnited States · 8 years ago

anyone got their irs deposit via turbotax card?irs says "by" feb 21

i did efile through turbo tax on feb 5,2012...they first said 7-10 days tops...then the irs site says "by feb ******* starving...wheres my goddamn refund you no good cowardice government *****?.......HAS ANYONE IN THE COUNTRY GOT THEIR REFUND TODAY?FEB 21,2012?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I filed on Feb 4th online with H&R, based on the IRS Refund Calendar I was supposed to get my refund via direct deposit on Fe 15th. I did not receive it, I called H&R on Feb 17th, and was told due to the IRS having some technical difficulties with their new system I would be getting my refund on Feb 22nd. But, when I go online to check Where's my refund, which before the 17th it said the IRS had no information on my refund, now says I will be getting my refund on March 6th. While my mother who filed on Feb 8th, got her check yesterday in the mail.

    I know its rough, I'm waiting on it to pay off some bills, and for me its scary. I only work part-time so I live paycheck to paycheck. Jobs are scarce, so these refunds are helping out a lot of us. Sadly IRS decided to put upgrades on their technical system around tax season, which in the end has caused all sorts of delay. I hope we both get our refunds tomorrow...if not we have no choice but to wait. GOOD LUCK.

    Source(s): H&R Block Customer Service and IRS Website
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  • 8 years ago

    I efiled with H and R block on February 4th. HR and block told me the 21st. I am so hoping my money is there tomorrow also. I understand what you are saying totally. But when I check the WMR I haven't gotten a direct deposit date. The site is not working for me. Everyone else is getting direct deposit dates. I am clueless when i will receive my direct deposit. I am going to stop checking.

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