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Gaining weight in France, what should I do?

I come from Italy. When I was young, I married a well off Frenchman and moved to France. I was then very slim and pretty. In France, many people envied me, but my life was not a picnic. When I arrived, I found out that my husband lived with a woman, Catherine Henriette, and she stayed in our house and refused to move out! And, my husband refused to throw her out. It was terrible, but then, I managed to get rid of her. But, even afterwards, my husband was unfaithful to me. We had six children, but my son Nicholas died when he was four, and it was a terrible loss for me. Then, my husband was stubbed to death on a Parisian street during daylight! Following his death, all his relatives conspired to take his patrimony off my children, and I had to fight for it. When, at last, my children grew up, my son Gaston set against his brother Louis, and, again, there were fights and quarrels. Then my son turned against me (thanks to his new advisor Armand Jean), and I went to live in Blois, in complete wilderness. Of course, such life took a toil on me, and I turned to food for consolation. I eat to forget and to calm myself down. I grew up rather... large. My health suffered. So, I decided to stop eating, and it didn't help. Then I went on a fruit diet, eating fruit only (and cutting it with the silver knife which my husband gave me as a present, to have an additional motivation), but soon, stopped. My downfall is patisseries et confitures, which I eat all the time. I just can't resist! But, it can't go on like this, so what should I do?

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    You could exercise by escaping from your prison with a rope and staging a coup against your son, the new King of France, Louis XIII, it's sure to burn a lot of calories, and it keep you busy... You could set a Twitter account to get in touch quickly with all French noblemen and start a revolt, but remember to unfriend Cardinal de Richelieu on Facebook before it's too late...

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  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like you could write a book on your life story to me..

    It is very common to turn to food for help.. Many people suffer from this problem and it's understable why.

    Just remember, you need to do it for YOU. you are important, and amazing, and unique. You deserve to be healthy. Do things that make you happy when you're eating fruits, vegetables and nuts. And eating your favorite foods are OK for weekends. Remember to excerise too. Long walks to think about stuff.. Or biking around town with family. Whatever makes you happy :)

    Good luck :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Smoke more.

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