How has Darwin's principle of natural selection contribute to evolutionary theories?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Darwin provided an explanation of how descent with modification through the generations was the result of natural selection.

    Organisms reproduce with a constant influx of genetic variation. Populations have a gene pool with a range of genetic differences.

    Organisms reproduce- they produce more offspring than the ecosystem can support.

    There is a differential rate of survival across each generation based on genetically suitable traits in the phenotype. The individuals with combined traits that best suit the current ecosystem have a greater reproductive success, on average. In this manner the gene pool changes with respect to changes in the population's environment. The population adapts to a niche as a result of natural selection.

    Darwin knew nothing of the mechanisms of genetic variation; how novel genetic sequences are introduced. Neither did he understand how the semi conservative replication of DNA provided for both a consistency of inheritance and a steady rate of mutational infidelity yet his theory has been supported by all aspects of molecular and population biology. Evolution is one of the basic concepts that ties all of biology together.

  • Lenny
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    9 years ago

    Principle of natural selection invalidates the rest of the Darwin's theory.

    Natural selection destroys organisms deviated beyond the acceptable limits of mutations.

    Effectively it locks species into their genome preventing unwarranted evolutionary drifts.

    And since natural selection is readily observable and repeatable in experiments as good scientific fact suppose to be, it means that Darwinian theory stating that incremental mutations produced new species is invalid. Natural selection would eliminate human trying to live under water well before he will have a chance to accidentally grow gills.

    Minor deviations in genome are OK with Natural Selection. Some people can dive for 5 minutes while most of us can not do it.

    @ Richard B

    1. You misrepresent creationism by giving it only in the static form. Sorry, but even Bible describes evolution for species (mostly domesticated), societies and states.

    2. evolution by adaptation is the same as Lamarkian theory. And no, it was not considered true by Soviet Communists. Communists are Darwinists and we had mandatory courses on Darwinism in high school and in collages there.

    3. It was very touching and considerate of you offering to decide for herself based on you distorted presentation immediately insisting that Darwinism is the clear winner.

    Are you doing it in case that theory of upgrading the complex computer program (DNA) by "just dumb luck" does not look more realistic than the Tooth Fairy?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    evolution means change over time

    possible theories:

    Creationism = everything is made as is and never changes

    evolution by adaptation = girraffes grow longer necks because they keep stretching for higher leaves. ( shown to be false)

    intetional selection = humans breed animals and plants with special charateristics by controing breeding = true called farming. breeds of dogs, corn, cattle

    acquired = (lamarkian) cut the tails off dogs for generations until they are born witout tails ( Communist russian idea to prove society could be changed) shown false

    Alien interference = little green men from outer space are raising us like pets

    Nartual selection = Darwin. change changes are foavored or disfavored if the off spring have a greater chance to survive. it may be sexual choice, like peacock tails or the shape of womens bodies. it might be "just dumb luck"

    Source(s): decide which makes most sense based on evidence of biology Darwin is the clear winner unless some completely new idea arises
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