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Friend problems that just don't make sense?!?

I've been friends with these two girls... let's just call them X and Y lol. Well this year two new girls who were really close came into our class. X and Y became close with these news girls and started to ignore me ALL. THE. TIME. I've been friends with X and Y though for five years, but they now say it wasn't a "solid" enough friendship and that they didn't want to be my friend anymore.

It doesn't make sense to me! We have all these great memories and even the bad memories are good because they taught us how to be better friends. I just don't know how this could happen. I feel alone now like I'm some outcast who has no friends.



lol i dunno what "take it on the chin" means, but the rest of the answer was nice :)

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    Ik how u feel. This year my bestie's old bestie be4 me moved to our skool. Except it was kinda my fault 4 basically forgetting about her nd hanging out with her (we both promised that no one wuld come between us.) We're all friends now, but I still feel like my bff nd I aren't the same anymore.

    So I guess what I'm tryin 2 say is, it's not ur fault nd u shuldn't hav 2 b worrying about this. Talk to other ppl nd make new friends! Once they c that ur perfectly fine without them, they'll realize how important ur friendship was! When my bestie was hanging out with her old bestie again (after we all became friends) more than me, I started talking to my other friends more nd it was pretty obvious she was getting jealous nd wanting me back

    So just find new ppl 2 hang out with nd things will eventually get better in time :)

    Hope this helped!

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    Talk to them. But don't simply take this as sending a text or calling. Talk to them face on face! Tell them:

    1)how to feel

    2) I much they hurt you

    3) ask them if you can change the friendship into a "solid" one.

    If they say no and dont really care about what you say then just ignore them and put the memories down the drain! Find people who are worth the fun! Hope this helps:)

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    I think that they are just so not worth it being your friends anymore. It just obviously comes to show that they are those types that DOES NOT. I repeat DOES NOT appreciate friends; good friends for life. It's a shame really. But peeps like that do exist. You just have to move on. And eventually you'll find more honest, priceless friends along the me. Life's like that. you lose some, just so you could receive much better ones by the end of the always k?

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    The SAME thing happend to me in the 6th grade.. and now me and her are bestfriends again, if they are old enough they will realise what they are doing is wrong, because i bet you probably know more about them then those other 2 girls will ever know!! whatever you do don't try and start a fight with them and don't tell people the things you know about them out because you will always be bestfriends no matter how much they are serperatiing you right now.

    good luck girl

    xoxo <3

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    Take it on the chin, you'll find your close friends as you go through life :)

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