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Can bunnies eat bread? What kind a food can rabbit eat?

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    Rabbits shoudn't eat bread it isnt good for them.

    The best diet would be daily fresh veggies such as beans, parsley, mint,Broccoli (mostly leaves/stems),Dandelion greens and flowers, carrot, brussel sprouts ect. and a mix of oaten chaff and rabbit pellets. If you buy them a rabbit mix it is generally grain and it isnt too good for them unless in moderation. They should ALWAYS have fresh hay and water.

    They shouldnt be given:

    Lettuce (iceberg)


    Human food like crackers cake chips ect.

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    I rarely do this, but for the sake of your bunny, please ignore the answers that say that it's ok for them to eat bread - it isn't - their digestion is not geared up to process it. Take a slice of bread, make it wet, then scrunch it up in your hand - this is what is passing theough the rabbit. Personally I don't think bread is very good for us humans either, but that's not relevant to this!

    The basic premise behind a rabbit's diet is that their dietary needs and digestion are NO different to those of the wild rabbit. Wild rabbits live on a selection of grasses, hays, wild leaves (such as dandelion and blackberry) grains (in their natural form) and occasional veg and very occasional fruit, if they find these things.

    Bread contains processed flour, sugars, fats and yeast. None of these are conducive to a healthy digestion for the rabbit. Rabbits need plenty of hay and high fibrous foods to keep their gut movement in good order. without it, they can get a gut stasis which can be fatal if unnoticed.

    Foods like bread and 'treats' that contain lots of sugars an also create an overweight rabbit - this is a really serious condition for rabbits, as they need to be able to reach down t their behinds and eat the food parcels that they make inside them - these contain al the nutrients a rabbit needs.

    Rabbits have weak skeletons, and obesity can easily lead to arthritis etc.

    Treats and human foods are not suitable for rabbits. If you'd like more info on the problems associated with incorrect feeding, and the problems it can create, have a read of the article I co-wrote on the subject (see source)

    and here's a list of health rabbit foods

    Source(s): Article: Producer of Hopping Mad! bunny magazine - Moderator - Happy Hoppers forum - Producer of Happy Hoppers You Tube channel -
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    No bread is bad for rabbits. Rabbits can eat food specially formulated for rabbits. They can also eat a limited amount of fresh fruit and veggies, though these should be fed sparingly because of the sugar content. Unlimited access to timothy or grass hay is also a must. Clean fresh water is must always be provided.

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    rabbits can eat bread whole grain is the best

    rabbits can also eat:

    grain, birdseed, apples strawberrys

    there is more of what they can and cant eat in the link below [ dont give them lettuce its bad for them]

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    yes they can, you can also try feeding them fresh vegetables, fruits, pellets.

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