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I'm getting so sick and tired of school - What are some good ways to relieve stress without wasting time?

I know it could be a lot worse for me, but I'm just getting so stressed out and I feel like a really need a long break. I just had a 3 day weekend but I feel like it should have been longer than that. I'm a freshman in High School, I get straight A's (usually, I at least have not gotten a C since the 6th grade) and I do have friends. What's stressing me out is that there are so many huge things happening this week.

1) Choir Concert in front of real judges on Thursday - I'm on the Altos and like every alto section, we have people who are just in choir for the easy A, one sings completely off tune then blames it on the people around her. One girl just came from the soprano section as ordered by our choir teacher because altos are too quiet, but she sometimes forgets to sing the alto part instead of the soprano's, that's not her fault and I'm not mad at her. What makes me mad and stressed is the people who don't sing and the snobby off-tune girl. Me and two other girls are carrying the section. That's just upsetting to me, but what I'm especially worried about is what the judges are going to say to our section, the thought of being told how bad we are by a judge just seems humiliating. Our choir teacher has talked to the girls that don't sing before, we were doing better for a while but one week after a break they all just stopped singing again.

2) ISEF mock symposium on Tuesday or Thursday night (depending on which one I go to) - This is my first year in ISEF, I'm kind of a timid person and I'm just really stressed out about talking in front of 3 or 4 judges about my project. Does that really need any more explanation?

3) Piano recital in front of judges - This scares me to death! I get nervous and jittery just doing recitals at my teacher's house in front of other student's and their families, It'll be worse in front of judges. My teacher makes it even worse by telling me every week I'm either going too fast or too slow. Every time she tells me I'm going too fast, I come back the next week going what I think is a little slower then she tells me I'm going too slow. The songs have to be played memorized, they're pretty repetetive so that's fine, but tomorrow I'm sure my teacher is going to tell me I'm still going at the wrong speed. It's not like I'm making huge changes, I go slower if she tells me to go slower at a pace that sounds right to me. If she says faster, I go to a faster pace that sounds right, but it never sounds right to her. There's two songs; one is andante and the other is allegro moderato.

4) I've got a lot of homework this week, seriously. My English teacher always overloads on homework and projects (I think he hates our class, he gives the other freshmen class almost the whole week to do in-class projects, recently we've been lucky to have 2 days). My science teacher is just kind of a jerk (usually science teachers are fun, this one seems to hate people in general) and though my social studies teacher is nice (and I have no complaints on about how much time she gave us, rather, I'm mad at my English teacher for the crap load of work he gave us last week), I have an essay due this week .

I know, this sounds a lot like self pity, and it is. I just needed to vent. Can anyone give me some quick tips on how to relieve stress quickly? I can't waste a lot of time this week like I just did writing this.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I feel you are sort of juggling between music and academy subjects! I'd say high school grade is more essential, so take piano lesson twice monthly or even monthly instead of weekly, and practice with metronome until you get used with proper speed. Music just like a story with intro., climax and ending, the more you feel it, the less you'll be nervous in front of judges and audience.

    You're seriously need more time to invest on your GPA, no matter how awful your teachers are, you need to do whatever to keep up with your academy stuff because in the end it's YOUR future. Sound likes to me that you aim advancing to uni/college, so earning great score in AP/ IB courses are critical, especially in Sophomore and Junior years in order to be accepted into decent universities. Believe me, universities is where you pay dearly just to be on your own, so you'd better plan ahead of time, Summer lesson, tutor, group study, practice good study habit, set priorities and time management ASAP, otherwise you'll be burnt out before finish high school. In fact most of my cousins drop piano lesson since the end of freshman year to focus on taking private lessons on AP Math and Science on Summer time. That's way will greatly benefit for coming school year, guarantee no more nonsense stress. Besides, learning from smart peers will save you quite trouble of dealing with tedious homework alone.

    I'm glad that you vent it out early. It's natural when you start feel the heat of really study. Don't delay too long to resolve it!

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  • Grid
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    8 years ago

    Your stress is very common and expected if you try to juggle too many objects at once this is bound to happen. Time management and being productive every second are hence very important to you at a time like this. I can imagine you feel guilty for wasting time, but don't let that discourage you. You are not a machine after all, and you need some sort of rest or calming period. So relax time to time, but don't prolong it (because then you'll get behind). In short: don't worry too much, but think calmly, and don't try to push yourself too hard (but at the same time challenge yourself) find an optimal balance.

    Good luck

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  • Ann
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    4 years ago

    I had to write an essay on stress when I was studying Indian Head Massage, here are a few excerts from it which you may find useful; "It is important to differentiate between temporary stress that you know will go away when a situation is resolved, and long-term or chronic stress. Most people can cope with short periods of stress, and it can often be relieved by relaxing, taking a walk, chatting through issues with friends, or having a good night’s sleep. Chronic (long-term, continuous) stress is much harder to deal with, and can be psychologically and emotionally damaging, both for an individual and for friends and family." "The only real ‘cure’ for stress is to remove from your life the factor that is causing your stress. If it’s a relationship problem, the first step should be to talk it through with your partner. If it’s a work problem, you should consider discussing it with your colleagues or manager." "Many complementary therapies concentrate on relaxation and reducing stress. They can help calm your emotions, relieve anxiety and increase your general sense of health and well being. And there is an increasing amount of medical interest in the idea that positive emotions benefit your health. There are many alternative therapies available, such as, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, accupuncture, reiki to name just a few. These therapies can promote relaxation, give the person time away from stressful situations, and on a physical level can promote general well being and help aching muscles and tension caused by stress." "There are also ways in which people suffering from stress can help themselves, and if a client told me they were suffering from stress I would tailor my treatment and the choice of oils to suit their requirements, I would also advise them of what they could do in their own time to promote relaxation and relieve stress: * Take the phone off the hook and have a warm bubble bath with candles and dimmed lights * Go for a walk * Practice deep breathing exercises * Join a yoga class * Listen to relaxing music * Read a book you enjoy to take your mind off stress I would also tell them that they should avoid nicotine, caffiene and alcohol as these will not do anything positive and won’t actually help to deal with the stress."

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well breath through your nose and out through your mouth. Take a warm bath if you have any time whatsoever.

    Source(s): Me
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  • 8 years ago

    Kill people, burn sh*t, fuc school!

    Source(s): Radicals by tyler the creator :P
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