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Nutrition Class...Finding articles? PLEASE HELP!!?

My teacher wants me to find 5-Peer Reviewed articles for a research paper.. The main topic has to be Nutrition...For Example: Nutrition and anti-inflammatory diseases, Nutrition and the Immune system...Nutritition and how it effects the Central Nervous system stuff like that.

They need to legitimate articles im only going to a community college right now so ...what do I do...where do I find legit articles for College research papers?

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    go to some uni websites - they may have some. also - journal of nutrition. health journals will have such articles. use google search.

    Scholarly articles for scholarly articles on nutrition

    … the food industry risk derailing public health nutrition - Freedhoff - Cited by 8

    A review of research and scholarly work in family and … - Johnson - Cited by 4

    Some scholarly English periodicals in Pre-independent … - Tiew - Cited by 6

    Nutrition Information - Nutrition - Scholarly Articles and information on Nutrition from Nutrition Information.

    Finding Research Articles in Nutrition - Skyline Library the following databases for accessing academic journal articles in nutrition: PubMed Central: free digital archive of full-text biomedical and life sciences ...

    Nutrition Journal | Full text | Childhood obesity, prevalence and ...

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    difficult issue. lookup into google. this could actually help!

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