Have not received payment from employer?

I transitioned to a new job in January as a Web Developer and I have yet to receive payment. None of the employees have received payment. Friday this week will make it a month that we have received no form of payment. The excuse of the CEO, as told by the Project Analyst, is that the money is in limbo (whatever that --really-- means) and he is waiting for the bank to accept the transfer. Very quickly, we are not concerned about money being in limbo as it is his responsibility to come up with the money to pay his employees since he chose to pay his employees on a salary basis. The CEO has given us excuse after excuse and has lied about when we should expect to be paid. The employees and I have tried to remain loyal by continuing to show up to work in hopes that we will see payment, but we are left disappointed and taken advantage of.

We also expect some employees are being paid under the table, such as employees with a leadership role, but unfortunately we are not able to prove this case. The directors of the video studio, graphic design department, including the project analyst are way too calm about the situation. The Project Analyst, especially, has lashed out to us that it is not her fault... when no one has blamed her.

We are seeking advice as to what steps we should take next. If we do not receive payment this week we are planning to go to the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and obtain a lawyer. I would like to know if any of you have any advice for the best way to handle this situation.

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    8 years ago
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    You should contact your state's department of labor. The department will collect the money from the employer and see that your receive it.

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