Stylish Outfits and Wish list for Spring?

What are some stylish outfits like you can send me links of pieces of clothing together or pictures or what are things you want for spring 2012??

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  • Alice
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    9 years ago
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    You asked this to the right person, I constantly plan my seasonal wardrobe year round. I make a list for all four seasons and put things I want or take things off constantly.

    So far my wardrobe wish list for spring, I decided to go preppy this season! Of course I will not be able to buy all of it, my list for only this season cost well over $3,000.

    A few pictures of my favorite items.


    Navy Blazer

    Light Blue Seersucker Blazer

    Yellow Raincoat

    Beige Trench Coat

    Red Windbreaker

    White Hoodie

    Navy Cardigan

    Dark Heather Grey Cardigan


    Navy Short Sleeve Chiffon Fashion Top

    Red Short Sleeve Floral Chiffon Fashion Top

    White Short Sleeve Chiffon Fashion Top

    Heather Grey Ruffle Tanktop

    Red and White Check Flannel

    White fitted V-neck

    White Classic Shirt


    Navy, White, and Seersucker Blue boyshorts

    Burgandy and Red Floral Skirt

    Navy Pleted Skirt

    Dress(color: lime)

    Navy and White Polka dot dress

    Navy and White Check Dress

    White layered Lace shorts

    Denim Capri(Dark and Med-Dark wash denim)

    Denim Mid thigh shorts(Dark and Med-Dark wash denim)

    Colorful Skinny Jeans(Pink, Purple, Red and Green)


    Ralph Lauren White Canvas Sneakers

    Brown Leather Sandals

    Gold Galdiator Sandals

    Sperry Angelfish(Houndstooth)


    Converse(Haven't decided what color)

    Nike Air Max(Lime)

    Hair Accesories/Jewelery:

    Burberry Plaid Headband

    Pearl Headband

    Silver Diamond Studs

    Gold Charm Bracelet


    Juicy Couture Daydreamer Bag

    Coach Shoulder Bag

    Vera Bradley Baroque Tote


    Triangle Bikini(Going to the beach for Spring Break)

    Blazers are a MUST HAVE, they go great with skinny jeans, skirts, and shorts.

    My favorite Spring outfit:

    Navy Blazer

    White Classic Shirt

    Navy Pleted Skirt

    Brown Leather Sandals

    Juicy Couture Gold and White Princess Studs

    Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet

    Headband(ONLY 1 DOLLAR RIGHT NOW!)

    Source(s): Very into bright colors this season. Screw the 10 link limit -.-
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  • 9 years ago

    I'm such a fashionista and have just recently found this awesome web site that shows you outfits already put together with prices of each item and the web sure where you can buy it. I'm seriously on this site everyday looking for new ideas on my wardrobe! Check it out at

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  • 4 years ago

    ok properly you're able to try this 2 techniques and enhance an outfit based on the hot 'block shade style' this style ought to extra healthful you completely by way of fact your tanned epidermis tone will compliment the ambitious colorings. placed on a pair of purple skinny denims, a blue (DENIM colored) undeniable shirt tucked into the thin denims and a lime eco-friendly coat (and blue ankle boots) with minimum upload-ons and one in each of those stunning small tote luggage. or you need to do the easy black state-of-the-artwork outfit black cover neck jumper, teamed with a black pair of chinos and 2 ankle boots and a black coat or maybe dwindled tones as spring is all approximately dwindled tones dwindled pinks, blues, mint, cream :) desire that helped

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  • 9 years ago

    Spring wishlist:


    oxford pumps

    High waisted buttoned navy shorts

    blue and white pin stripe shorts

    White Lace dress

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  • 9 years ago

    with a cute belt, heels or flats, and a cute hair accessory :)

    with dark skinny jeans, a necklace, and hair accessory

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