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what does the word essential mean in nutrition?

what does the word essential mean in nutrition? my notes weren't very clear from class. does it mean that you NEED something in your diet because your body does not make it? or does it mean that it is important because your body makes it naturally?


thank you!

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    Yes. It means your body can't make it so you must get it from food.

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    Essential nutrition is having the nutrients that are the most important. That is all you really need to know because if you know the meaning of nutrition then essential is most important. If you need help figuring out a word break it down!

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    Essential" means you have to have it. Essential Nutrition refers to the elements the body must have in order to function correctly. The body must function correctly in order to be healthy. An incorrectly functioning body means disease and premature death.

    We are all different but we are all the same. Our bodies all have the God-given ability to heal and regenerate themselves. In fact, our bodies are healing and regenerating every moment we are alive. But often they are overwhelmed by negative factors and are losing the battle. In order to perform the miracle of healing successfully, they need the proper fuel and raw materials. We all need the same Essential Nutrients, and we need them consistently. Depending on age or condition, some need more of this or that, but we all need all of it.

    Essential Nutritients differ from other nutrients in that they cannot be made or synthesized by the body and therefore must be provided in the diet. From the Essential Nutrients the body can make everything else it needs. For example, the body needs and utilizes 20 different amino acids. However, there are only eight Essential Amino Acids, because from this eight, the body is able to make the rest.

    hope this helps...

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    It mean that it's absolutely necessarily or extremely important for your body!

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    u need it to function meaning body doesnt make it i would assume

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    It means you cannot thrive without it.

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