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YWWE Raw pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Abraham Washington

WWE Champion- Triple H

Intercontinental Champion- Alberto Del Rio

European Champion- Cody Rhodes

Women's Champion- Velvet Sky

World Tag Team Champions- Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield

Edge comes out on crutches. He says he is in no condition to compete tonight. The doctors said they will not clear him to wrestle until this sunday at No Way Out. Vince McMahon comes to the stage. He says everyone was right. Edge does complain to much. Vince says he never recieved a doctor's note saying Edge could not compete tonight, so, Edge will participate in tonight's main event. If he doesn't, then he is suspended immediatly and will not be in the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out. Edge says he cannot be replaced, who will Vince find to replace him. Vince chuckles and says Ricardo Rodriguez. Edge flips out and says Vince cannot do that. Vince says he can do what ever he wants, it's his company. Edge says he will win at No Way Out and take back his title. Out of nowhere, The Miz clips Edge's knee and proceeds to stomp on it as Vince McMahon looks on approvingly

1. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez v Anarquia w/ Hernandez

2. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov v Heath Slater & Duke Rotundo w/ Mason Ryan

Post Match- Zeke & Vlad look at Mason Ryan who flashes his World Tag Team Championship belt to them letting them know that he is the champ with Skip Sheffield adn they are not.

Interveiw with Alex Riley. He says tonight he has the oppertunity to switch entry numbers with either Wade Barrett, Edge, Sheamus, Skip Sheffield or.... The Miz. He really wouldn't benefit from pinning Wade Barrett because he is already #1. If he pinned Barrett, he would just be #2. Not that big of a difference. He could pin Skip Sheffield and enter at #3. But that too is too soon. Then there is Sheamus and Edge, entering #5 and #6 respectively in the Chamber this Sunday. Either one of those would be ideal. But The Miz is #4. That is the position Riley wants. He wants The Miz's spot. Why? Because he wants to screw The Miz over. If The Miz has to enter the Chamber at #1, then his chances of winning and facing Triple H at Wrestlemania are slim to none. That would be perfect.

3. Kane v R-Truth

Interveiw with The Miz. He continues to make his plea again to Vince McMahon, Triple H, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus & Ricardo Rodriguez. He promises them he could be an asset to them. He took out Edge, which enabled Triple H to become the WWE Champion. He has begged on his knees. His services are still available but they MUST take him up on the offer. Miz is then asked about Alex Riley's claims he will pin The Miz tonight. Miz says "Alex Riley, who?"

4. Cody Rhodes v Kaz

Interveiw with Wade Barrett and Nexus. Barrett simply says Alex Riley may be going after The Miz tonight, but he will pin Edge. At New Years Revolution, Barrett entered at #6, he plans on doing it again. Skip Sheffield is then asked the same question to which Barrett takes the mic and says Skip is only there tonight and in the Chamber to help Barrett

5. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels v William Regal

6. Edge v Wade Barrett v Alex Riley v The Miz v Sheamus v Skip Sheffield (six pack challege; if someone who has a lower entery number in the Chamber pins someone with a higher entry mumber they switch spots. the entries are as follows: #1 Alex Riley, #2 Wade Barrett, #3 Skip Sheffield #4 The Miz #5 Sheamus #6 Edge)

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    Opening Promo: Good as usual. 10/10

    Match 1-ADR wins with the Armbreaker. 8/10

    Match 2-Zeke/Koz win. Match seems like a dud. 7/10

    Post Match: ROAST! 9/10

    Interview with A-Ry: AWESOME. 10/10

    Match 3-Kane wins. 8/10

    Interview with Mike The Miz: HAHAHA! He's a *****! GREAT. 10/10

    Match 4-Kaz wins. Awesome match. 9/10

    Interview with Barrett/Nexus: Just great. 10/10

    Match 5-Regal wins. 9/10

    Match 6-Sheffield wins by pinning Edge. 10/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 51/60 B+

    Promo/Segment Value: 49/50 A+

    Show Value: 100/110 A

    Show Wrap Up:

    MOTN: The ME

    SOTN: Miz's interview

    TOTN: Match 2

    Closing Comments:

    **Everyone on this show was really well done, almost perfect, aside from match 2. This was an awesome show, everything fit together. I love The Miz "*****" gimmick. Good work.

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  • Promo 1-9/10

    Match 1-winner Alberto Del Rio-6/10

    Match 2-winners Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov-7/10

    Post Match-7.5/10

    Promo 2-8/10

    Match 3-winner Kane-7.5/10

    Promo 3-8/10

    Match 4-winner Cody Rhodes-8/10

    Promo 4-8/10

    Match 5-winner "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels-8/10

    Match 6-winner Alex Riley(After pinning The Miz)-9/10

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    Promo a million(10/10) adventure a million(winners Samoa Joe, Kaz, & Christopher Daniels)(10/10) adventure 2(winner Owen Hart)(9/10) adventure 3(winner Rey Mysterio)(10/10) Promo 2(10/10)(ultimate Promo) adventure 4(winners Joey Mercury & Luke Gallows)(9/10) adventure 5(winner Bryan Danielson)(10/10)(ultimate adventure) Promo 3(10/10) adventure 6(winner Mickie James)(10/10) Nikki Bella & Brie Bella removes Brooke Maria removes Maryse ODB removes Candice Michelle Maria removes Maxine Mickie James removes ODB Melina removes Hamada Angelina Love removes Jillian hall Beth Phoenix removes Nikki Bella & Brie Bella Maria removes Beth Phoenix Velvet Sky removes Maria Angelina Love removes Eve Velvet Sky removes Angelina Love Mickie James removes Velvet Sky Melina removes Mickie James adventure 7(winner AJ varieties)(10/10)(ultimate adventure) post adventure(10/10)

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