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which girl is prettier?

okay, so these 2 girls are from PLL and play Hanna and Aria. For the life of me, I can not tell which I find prettier. I liked Ashley(Hanna) in bring it on but she looks weird sometimes on PLL. Lucy(Aria) looks pretty sometimes but weird in others, like in her movie-once upon a song-she looked funny. which do you think is prettier?

lucy hale(aria):

ashley benson(hanna):

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    Ashley Benson! Lucy looks too manly.

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    Both are pretty but Lucy Hale looks to have both a sexy vibe and a girl next door look. Ashley's pics make her look slutty sexy and stand-offish. I vote Lucy

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    Hanna is prettier, Aria is ugly sometimes

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    The blonde

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    9 years ago

    I think Hanna is way prettier

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    lucy hale!

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    I think that they are both really pretty. But I can't decide.

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    both. it depends whether you like blonde (eg) or not though

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