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Can I keep these lizard species together?

I had bought two lizards a Blue Tongue Skink and a Bearded Dragon there still pretty young and when I got a bigger tank I put a divider up to cage them both, well the Bearded always jumps over and hangs out around the Blue Tongue, can I keep these two together? They dintt seem to mind each other. They seem pretty calm and friendly, no tension they smelleach otherer occasionally and then go on with there life's.

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    No. Blue Tongue Skinks and Bearded Dragons have completely different temperature / habitat requirements. Although both of them are very docile and friendly, I wouldn't advise keeping the two together.

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    This one is an unequivocal NO. different care requirements - temps and environment and humidity. Not to mention different illnesses and parasites that could be non-threatening or "dormant" in one species but could be fatal in another. Then there's the fact that beardies EAT other small lizards and snakes in the wild so your skink will probably end up dead at some point. Or they'll fight....just a terrible idea. Sorry but no - that's my answer.

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    i'm unsure approximately the different lizards, however the iguana is an rather aggressive animal and would not go with to share area. they are able to't particularly stay with their very very own species until eventually they seem to be a breeding pair. So, i could propose against conserving something with an iguana of any style.

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    dont keep them together. they have different requirments and if kept in the same cage would most likely die because the requirments are not met

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    It's not that good to keep two species together.

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