Is it too late for an architecture degree?

I'm 34, is that too old? Originally out of HS, I was going to major in Architecture but settled on Graphic Design, work in the field and pretty much hate it. Is an Architecture degree worth pursuing at my advanced age?


I mean I work in the Graphic Design field currently and hate it. Poor sentence structure.

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    8 years ago
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    It is NEVER too late to pursue your dreams. In one of my college courses, there was a 78 year old woman going back to school because she never finished her degree. How inspiring! There are some fantastic architecture programs out there. Check out this one I found when I googled best architecture degrees:

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    Architecture can be age-sensitive. In addition, entry level architects don't make much money, and there are very few jobs available. I'd thus have you research the realities of architecture where you live or want to live, see what you're up against and if the career change is worth your time, money, and effort.

    You may want to look into some other fields. Perhaps those where your GD experience would be related to the new field, fields that pay decently and are welcoming of older career changers. Maybe marketing, if you get an MBA from a solid program and do a marketing internship as part of your degree.

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    It's not too late. A good number of architecture students are older, especially in Master of Architecture programs. As long as you have a bachelors degree in something, you can apply for Masters of Architecture programs. They tend to be 3-3.5 years for people without a background in architecture. A 5-year bachelor of architecture is also an option, but I'd say go for the Masters degree if you can.

    Be warned that architecture is very market-sensitive and that its hit hard when the economy is down. It pays decently, but not as well as other professions that require the same amount of training. Only do it if you are passionate about it.

    Certainly don't stay with Graphic Design if you hate it. Life's too short to waste on stuff you don't like to do, regardless of your age.

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    Look at it this way: In six years, you will be forty and will be looking at working another 25-30 years. In six years and for the following 25-30, you can be an architect or a graphic designer. Which do you prefer?

    Do it.

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