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getting rid of pubic hair?

im 15 and wanna get rid of my pubic hair because it's annoyin. :P but i'm not quite sure how to do it. i don't wanna wax or anything just use a razor but i don't want to accidently cut myself cause that would be bad..is there any area i should avoid? or do it a certain way? please help and put useful answers.

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    If the hairs are really long, trim them first. When you get in the shower, use soap down there. Use a new razor, and slowly shave downwards, NOT UP. Rinse off the razor very often. Some people like to leave a strip of hair , but it depends on you. From experience, I dont wear tight underwear for a little while after shaving, because it causes me razor burn. If I get razor burn (little red bumps) I just put a little vaseline..

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    Well u can't tell u cut yourself until after you get out the shower lol

    But use Nair its a hair remover cream which you leave on for five minutes the wipe clean. Put it only where there's hair its pretty good and you.dont have to worry about razor bumps or cutting yourself.

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    okay.. well, you should start off by using some shaving cream, make sure you get a nice sharp razor that no ones gonna worry about it going missing ( it's a bit dirty to make people re use it once it's been through your pubic region ) and shave away... i can honestly say that you will cut yourself.. many times. it will bleed a tiny bit.. but it won't hurt at all.. this always happens when you shave a full bush basically ( when you shave it and its already short this won't happen ) it might cause a rash, but it won't hurt.

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    I just go in the shower and put a lot of soap on it. Then wet the razor and I just shave.. But the first few times u do it, u hav to trim also. Shaving it doesn't rly hurt and u get used to it lol

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  • First trim it with scissors until its really short, you can then apply a hair removal cream made for pubic hair OR use a lot of soap or one of those shaving creams and then use a razor


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    well assuming your a girl, so am i, when you shave its going to hurt like a bit*h afterwards. i have been shaving for about 5 years now and im used to it and have only cut myself once.but the first couple months of shaving its going to be pretty irritated. but i want to try waxing but shaving is a lot more convienient. trust me its better than just letting it grow haha. good luck!

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    Don't burn it off because your skin might get burnt also. It's dangerous. Hair removal cream works best for me. Because it doesn't leave red bumps, or razor burns, or any cuts.

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    well little scissors help and just be really gentle and careful i shave there and have cut myself just a little bit and it wasnt horrible just eeeh razor scratch...

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    The best way that I have experienced is to burn it off. Just take lighter, stick it underneath the hair, and watch it BURN!!!! Its lots of fun and it works well!

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    Use little scissors

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