Anyone here really love the "Fly-Over states"? Tell me your story.?

As a kid I lived on Long Island, and when I was eleven we moved "out West" to Billings, Montana. I remember people asking us to bring them back a wagon wheel, and asking if we would have running water, and even telling us to be careful for the Indians! That was in 1978, and all those things did was get me even more excited. Ever since then I have loved all the little towns, dusty roads, and the endless miles of flat land without a single tree or hill....So when I heard this song it just put it so perfectly..... Jason Aldean's "Fly Over States"

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  • 9 years ago
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    That song is perfect and it really hit home to me this summer the day after my high school graduation I got on an airplane and flew from a small town in Illinois to Arizona to see my grandma. The whole time I was up there that song is all I could think about the farmers and ranchers how there work on the farm is so diffrent from the farm work that I do at home. The fact that they are under aprechated by todays society. Then in December I drove to Oklahoma for school and just seeing the world change arround me was magical and I know for sure what I want to do is live in a Fly Over State.

  • One of my favorite songs from Jason Aldean. It really gets me and means a lot to me.

    My story? Well, it's a long one and far from being over. Over the years, I've learned that nothin beats flyin down a back road with the country radio blarin. Nothin beats comin home to a homemade meal after a long day of workin in the sun. Nothin beats the sound of squealin tires down an ole county road. Nothin beats standin 'round a fire with your buddies singin old country songs accompanied by an ole guitar. Nothin beats lookin over miles and miles of farm fields and havin your breath be taken away by the beauty of it.

    Some people say that I live my life like it's a country song. And maybe I do. But this life is what I know, it's what I'm most comfortable with and I believe it's the best way to live. I was born and raised this way and Lord knows I'll never change.

  • 9 years ago

    We go visit my gandparents in California very often. I always take the window sea because I dream of one day having a family in one of those "Fly Over States" when I am older. I love the thought of a small town, dirt roads, and a church that everyone comes together in on Sunday's. Hope u stay the way you are, a county girl.

  • I love that song!! But I have no story. I have always lived in a normal town in North Carolina.

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