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? asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 8 years ago

How do I handle this gap in my career? Wrong category I know but I hope I get some help here - pls help?

There is no category for HR in y/a, but earlier I had great discussions here, and I believe philosopers have high level of thinking and I hope you all here might help me.

I don't intend to whine - but for a background, I am 30 year old Indian. I did initially, then my parents refused to support for higher education. In our culture girls stay with parents until they get married, so I had no idea of finding job and moving out, my parents were only interested to get me married. Since my upbringing was highly abusive , I was not confident and couldn't find good job immidiately after graduation and become depressed for 2 years due to my sister bullying and teasing over rejection of matrimonial alliance of guys my parents were finding for me, my parents were control freak. Here in india, parents biggest tention is to get their daughters married and collect money for paying dowries. Then later my father diagnosed with cancer and died so one more year passed as I had to take care of him. Finally I found good job and I worked for 3 years and also completed masters then got married, but after marriage, my ex-husband didn't allowed me to work so it made gap of one year, then after divorce (my marriage lasted only few months) I was depressed as I was treated cruelly by inlaws and ex so even after divorce not able to get over it immidiately and to divert my mind I joined job again, but after six months some other employer called me and offered double salary, so I left previous job and joined other. Salary was good, but high mismanagement in company and they kept changing their premises and many other problem, they terminated me due to their internal mismanagement and loss in company. I become more depressed as already I couldn't get over abusive treatment of ex and termination leads to more depression. And my health deteriorated and I suffered from thyroid and weight gain and become victim of lazyness and didn't worked for 1.5 years, big mistake. Finally I realized and reducing weight, now after reading self motivation books and some counseling I got over past and really want to build high career. I want to do job again,

But problem is here ;)

1) All the employers will ask me in interview, why you did after few years of (In India, employers are not open to gap between studies. like gap between graduation and post graduation, except mba)

2) Employers will ask me, why I didn't started to work immidiately after graduation, and what I did after graduation (those missing years where I did not work)

3) Employers will ask me, why I didn't worked since last 2 years, what was i doing

4) They will ask me, why you worked in one company only for 6 months, and joined another

How do I give smart answers to above questions, without being look like whiney

I know I am so stupid, I am 30 still couldn't shape my career but circumstances were like that, now what do I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't worry for interviews etc. let them ask usual questions and you reply with confidence. If they ask about gaps in your study and regarding your previous job you have left, nothing to worry, you can tell them the truth even and you will not be harmed any way. Generally they don't ask about gap in study, however can ask about your previous job for which you can tell them that they were charging more for this and that purpose/ facilities provided by them though those were not required by you, and their charges were unnecessary burden upon you thus simply lowering your salary and perks which were not in my favor and not acceptable, Hence I was forced to leave the job. You wanted job after your Graduation but could not get Then you decided for further studies.. For last 2 years I was seeking suitable job for me.. No answer matters, only you need confidence to reply. Be brave and hope for the best.

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  • Naguru
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    In future try to avoid all types of illegitimate desires or pleasures. These are the root causes for our problems.

    Nurture only healthy, constructive and noble thoughts, habits, behaviors and traits.

    Practice physical self-discipline and mental control.

    Have homogeneous thoughts, words and deeds. If there is any mismatch in ones thinking, talking and action, it may result in double standards and it may also shake the basic moral foundations.

    Flush out all the huge accumulations of impurities hidden in the mind, it can result in doubts confusions, suspicion or fear. The so called impurities in the mind are unhealthy thoughts, habits or traits. Besides that illegitimate desire, anger, delusion, infatuation, negligence, carelessness, inadvertence, greed, jealousy, lust, malice, hatred, bias, envy, hypocrisy, negative emotions, mental agitation, arrogance, pride, prejudice, ignorance, lethargy, doubt, confusion, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, grief, suspicion, delusion, dejection, conceit, temptations, stupor, hesitation, reluctance, forgetfulness, stupidity, superstition, oscillation, distraction, distortion, wrong hallucination, etc. are also impurities. These impurities cause disturbances in the mind by creating attachment and aversion and thus rob it of tranquility.

    See the brighter side of future. Be positive in attitude with a broader outlook and noble vision.

    Start your days with a little prayer in the morning.

    Utilize all your existing available knowledge time, money, resources and energy only on some or the other right pursuits.

    Please analyze everything and try to come out of this problem by some self-efforts.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think, Do Not Do Your Self, any Pre Judgement about the Interview about the Job.

    Be Prepared, and add Your Experiences Only ,If they ask about the Gap, then Only, Explain only about Your Dad"s Health and Your Help to Your Dad.

    Do Not Afraid, Be Bold and Confident about Your self as YOU CAN DO ANY BETTER THING.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i think now days teaching is good way for earning. you should go for it.u hv 2 options:

    first is tht u should teach 12th n this u can earn lots of money.

    second is tht teach students n save money and start some small business.

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