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Some one read this please? <33 thank youu ^.^ iloveyou(:?

Okay, I started liking him on October 10 2011. Lets call him: J

He's a bad guy by the way. (I started liking him that day)

It was 3 days after my birthday, he told me "It was your birthday on Friday right?" and I was like "yea" , and he said "13 right?" and I said "Yeah" .. Then he complemented my shoes, and showed them off to the class<3 . And he asked the teacher if he can sit infront of me<3..

That day also, in the cafeteria left with the bathroom pass, and there where like 10 people waiting for the pass, and when J came back, some one went to get it from him, and J pulled it away from that guy, and gave the pass to me, and he smiled and say "I fought that kid for the pass just for you" <3


Then after a while I started to notice him in the morning looking at me alot from far. While he was with his friend, I would catch him looking at me.. And it all went good. Somedays in the mornings, I would notice he was everywhere I went. He would follow me wherever I went<3


Anyways, 4 weeks ago, I told him I liked him, and he didn't say anything about it. He wouldn't even notice me when ever I pass by him, and I don't think he liked me back at all.. So then I got over him 2 weeks ago, and I started to like someone else. Then I wanted to get over that guy, so I started to make myself like J again, and it happend. Now I like him again.

But then this week, he started talking to me, talking about my gauges, and his gauges, and stuff.. and other things.. and in class he looks at me alot .. and he told his friend about me, because J was talking to his friend, facing a wall because his friend was on the wall.. Then his friend see's me, and he pats him and gives him a teasing look . So then J turns around to looks at me, then they where both starring at me for a long time until I left the cafeteria.. This happend 3 times this week .

SORRY for it being too long, if you took your time to read this, I LOVE YOU<33 Do you guys think he likes me?


By the way, this girl needed to pee, and he didn't give her the pass, he just said "pshhhh" to her..(Lol, he's mean to other people) but nice to me

---But i dont think he likes me anymore, because the last time I saw him, that day, yeah he looked at me and stuff, but then my class started talking about girls(Because the class is full of guys), so then J started saying that they're pretty and stuff.. And then when the bell rang, he left running out the class.. so I dont know if he likes me or not now ? -.-

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  • 8 years ago
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    Of course it does!!! Ask him do yu want to go out sometime and c where it goes from there hope this helps good luck :)) <3 u 2 jk jk now answer my question;_ylt=AlbnO...

    Thanks xx

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Your 13. Get over yourself..

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