How long will greencard take if US citizen sister applies or if greencard father applies?

I am a PhD student living currently at USA with F1 visa. I can live at USA legally up to August 2015. My sister is a US citizen and my parents have recently got Green card and currently living at USA. My question is, how long it will take me to get green card if my citizen sister applies for me? Or How long it will take if my green card holder father applies for me? Which process will be better for me?

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  • 9 years ago
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    it depends to some extent on what country you're from and also how old you are. I imagine as a PhD student, you're over 21. so, your sister can file for you but it will take a minimum of 11 years, up to 23 if you're Filipino. If your parents file, it will take about 8 years or longer, up to 19 if you're Mexican but if they file, you'll have to remain single while waiting for their petition, or you'll invalidate the petition, unless they become citizens before you marry. check out

    edit: the only two countries with different waiting periods are the Philippines and Mexico. for every other country, it's the minimum time period. if you're Filippino and your parents apply for you, it will actually take longer if they become Americans than if they don't. but other than that, their citizenship will only knock off a year from the waiting period. there's no reason that you can't have both petitions simultaneously and then take the one that comes in first.

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    Depends on what country you are from.

    The first step in any case is to file an I-130 petition. It costs $420 and takes 5 months to be adjudicated. Once that has happened, a priority date is assigned.

    Your sister is not an immediate relative of yours, so that puts you in the F4 family preference category. If you check the current visa bulletin, they are now working on petitions dated 1988 to 2000, depending on the country. So we're talking 12 to 23 years.

    Your parents are immediate relative of yours, so even though they are only LPRs, they can petition for you as long as you are unmarried, regardless of your age. That saves you 5 months right then and there. After having been LPRs for 5 years, they can become U.S. citizens. Once that has happened, your F2A or F2B petition will become an F1 petition, again, as long as you are not married. F1 is now processed for petition from 1993 to 2004, again, based on your country of citizenship.

    As you will find out, different countries have different waiting times for different categories. Try to familiarize yourself with those, enter your country, and do the math.

    Source(s): The son of a German mother and a Swedish father, I have lived in 6 European countries before immigrating to Southern California two decades ago. I work as a corporate attorney in Santa Barbara and answering questions here is my way of giving back.
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    How long will greencard take for a canadian citizen if US citizen sister applies ?

  • 9 years ago

    depends on which country YOU are from on the wait time.

    How long till your parents get their citizenship???

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