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Were they truly inspired? I have to fill this with some words..ok. done!?

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Jesus was a Terrorist

Jesus was a terrorist

Enemy of the state

That's what the Romans labeled him

So he was put to death

He died for his beliefs

What's changed today?

Today bible-thumping cannibals

Reap money from his name

Buy cable networks & power

With old ladies' checks

If Jesus saw Pat Robertson

What do you think he'd say?

Tax free the re-write our laws

And sick 'em on you

Women don't control their bodies

TV preachers do

Censor everything from bathing suits

To science books

From the schoolroom to the bedroom

They want our thoughts - or else

They treat us like the Romans

Used to treat the Christians

Even some church-going folks are scared.

Modern catacombs of fear

Built with money, power, and threats

Rock 'n Roll is labeled porn

Sell a record, you're under arrest

Instead of fighting AIDS

They try to stop us having sex

They brag that they won't quit

Till they take dominion over our lives

Is freedom of speech such a terrorist act

Is spiritual peace such a satanic threat

Believe what you want

But we'll fight to keep

Our heads from being cemented in your sand

-Jello Biafra with NOMEANSNO-

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