Help On Spanish 'Espanol' Phrase 'Anotalo'?

'anotalo' in spanish means 'write it down' but 'escribe es abajo' or 'escribe lo abajo' also means 'write it down' So what is the correct way and why.

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  • granny
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    9 years ago
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    Synonyms: Takes notes, write it down

    2nd person singular:

    "anótaLO", write it down, take notes

    "escríbeLO", write it down

    "I am the teacher, and I am asking you to take notes, write it down."

    Anótalo, se te va a olvidar. Write it down, you are going to forget it.

    Escríbelo, se te va a olvidar. Write it down, you are going to forget it.

    ("escribe es abajo" is a nonsense statement, it does NOT make sense)

  • GMF-FS
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    9 years ago

    escribir means "to write". Lo means "it" as direct object. Abajo means down, but meaning the opposite of "upside".

    Escríbelo abajo means "write it below".

    Anotar means to write something as a note,

    "Anótalo" means "write it down", meaning "write it (as a note) in your notebook, or whatever you have". I hope I've helped.

    Source(s): I'm Spanish
  • sugg
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    4 years ago

    a million- Mas _______, por want. - there are more than a number of words which could in good structure right here. right here you've some: tiempo = time comida = nutrition papel = paper tiza = chalk 2- "No ___MAS_____" = no longer anymore. OR 'No hay' = there is no longer. 3- "Como se ______ " (is it llama?) definite, you're precise. 4- " Que ____QUIERE____ decir?" = What does it advise?

  • 9 years ago

    Spanish is a hard language , its complicated but you'll get the hang of it , its pretty much the same thing just written differently. "Anotalo" is write it down but " escribelo abajo" literally means " write it down " thats the exact translition of it . Idk if im explaning myself right .

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