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Is Queen Elizabeth ll the granddaughter great granddaughter or great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria?

Help! I did homework late,and I need it in for tomorrow! Pls help me! Thx u very very much! :3

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    Queen Victoria is Queen Elizabeth II's great-great-grandmother.


    Yes. Queen Elizabeth II is related to Queen Victoria.

    Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria are first cousins 12 times removed

    Queen Victoria also is related to Queen Elizabeth's Second Cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, she is Mary, Queen of Scots' Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughter.

    Victoria -> Edward VII -> George V -> George VI -> Elizabeth II

    Her Majesty and her husband are both great-great-grandchildren of Her Late Majesty Queen Victoria.

    Queen Victoria was Elizabeth II Great-Great-Great Grandmother

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    Queen Victoria (great-great-grandmother)

    King Edward VII (great-grandfather)

    King George V (grandfather)

    King George VI (father)

    Queen Elizabeth II

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    You've already got your answer. I can't say anything further without repeating.

    Though I will say interestingly enough, had they changed the laws of succession when Queen Victoria was crowned, meaning the eldest child (regardless of gender) would sucseed the throne, Victoria would have been succeed by her daughter, Victoria, Empress of Germany. And our King during the First World War would have been Kaiser Wilhelm, (the German Emperor).

    If that was the case, Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia would now be our King; his late grandfather (like Elizabeth II) is great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria.

    The three leading monarchs of the first world war: King George V of Britain, Tsar Nicholas of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany were all first cousins, Queen Victoria was the grandmother of all three.

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    great great granddaughter of HM Queen Victoria.

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