How much to install a firewall in garage?

I'm buying a home and it looks like the FHA is going to require a firewall be installed between the (attached) garage and the home/living area. Can someone give me ANY sense of how much this might cost? I have no clue, and am trying to get an idea for whether we can afford the repair.

Oh, and a fire door into the attached basement is also going to be required, so any info on that cost would be great too.



I'm in Maryland and I have emails out to contractors. But, since it's a holiday weekend, I'm hoping to get some kind of a ballpark ASAP (have ants in pants). I have NO idea if we're talking $200 or $20,000, so really any guesstimates would be appreciated.

Musha, yahoo cut off your link, so I wasn't able to find the info you're leading me to :(

Update 2:

I suspect the FHA will require at least a 1 hour firewall, and an absolute max (if they're completely unreasonable) of 360 square feet.

Update 3:

Just to clarify, I'm looking for a ballpark estimate based on a ton of assumptions. I won't have details/quotes until Tuesday, after the holiday weekend. And, today, I'm a nervous nellie wondering how much such a thing might cost and whether this might be a deal breaker in my purchasing a home I adore. So, any ballpark figure ($500, $1,500, $5,000, $15,000) is all I'm looking for from this forum. I have NO idea how much such a thing costs.

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    Maryland codes typically do not require a fire barrier. Unless otherwise required by local building codes, all that is required is a separation barrier (1/2" X type gypsum board and a 20 minute fire door) to prevent toxic fumes from entering the living space. If FHA is requiring something beyond the code requirements, what is the fire rating (in minutes) that they are requiring? There is a tremendous cost difference between a basic 20 minute fire wall as compared to a 2 hour fire wall. The cost would also depend on how much gypsum coverage (square footage) is required in the garage. Without knowing specifics, the cost could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand.

    Edit: You cannot go on suspicions. In all the documentation I have seen, the FHA only has a 20 minute fire rating requirement between garages and living spaces for single family dwellings (1 1/2 hours for multifamily dwellings) which is the minimum standard required by most building codes. If your local FHA officer is telling you something different, you need to ask for their exact requirements in writing.

    Edit2: You are asking for a ballpark figure, but the ballpark is huge since you don't even know what is actually required.

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    Not knowing where you are from no I can't tell you how much but I may give you a lead or two! The fire wall is the drywall that it would take to cover the wall along with a few other items such as mud and labor . The door is either a solid wood door or metal. Call a few of the local contractors in your area and ask for bids to have both done, this way you will have a good idea of the total cost!

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    based in california the code requirement is 5/8 gypsum on the fire wall and sheer wall which separates only the wall that would attach the garage too the house which would probably be the one wall that holds the fixtures to any appliance or water fixture like utility sink or plumbing .. if your trying to cover the entire garage frame with drywall its also to be 5/8 gypsum firewall approved to comply within the californias

    code book , but you also have to check with your local city ordinance and requirements before any work is done . they can over rule the states code rules if they have other reasons.. but if 360 sq, ft. of this were to be your only concern , the going rate here is about 3 to 6 dollars a sq foot depending the height and set up of machinery and tools are needed to start and finish the project.. also on fire doors its about 350.00 to 1000.00 just on labor to install the door only if this isn t more than installation .. repairing dry rot or re-enforcing around because of settling or structure damages will cost more to fix and this does not include the cost of your local permit fees

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