is it true that water and potatoes taste different in india than in the u.s.?

i work at a convenience store owned by a couple originally from india. i had some potato chips she made herself (an indian recipe) and she said potatoes from india taste different than potatoes from u.s. then she went on to say that the water in india tastes different than in the u.s.

im not so sure i believe the water tasting different thing. but she said its due to the climate or something (its hard to understand her with her accent sometimes lol).

anyways is it true that potatoes from india taste different?

is it true that water in india tastes different?

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    Of course it is true!! We had a cottage in upper Michigan for generations. The water was was sand filtered, from an underground spring. It was sooo cold, that if you were all sandy from the beach, my mom would make us take an outside shower and we would get ice cream headaches!! No smell and just the best water...we all couldn't wait to get there and drink it! We would all take as much home as we could fit, but it was never close to enough. The potatoes grew up there so much better than our home in lower Michigan..our soil was clay-ish, we lived on a river. It was hard to dig, let alone grow potatoes, but we did...just not good ones! However the solid up north was sandy, and those potatoes were so good! Plus, the plants produced triple the amounts. We are only speaking of a small distance in one state as opposed to another country, half a world away! Even the climate was different there, than my home. I hope now that I broke it down enough for you to understand the extent.

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    water tastes different from farm to farm in the same state in US and in fact probably the same holds true around the world.

    You can drill a water well a mile apart and get water that tastes different because of different mineral content.

    Make it city to city and the same can hold true.

    As to potatoes, anything that grows is effected by rain, soil condition, etc and will and can taste slightly different from farm to farm, city to city, country to country and even year to year.

    Not just from US to India.

    Heck, meat tastes different depending on what it was fed.

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    Yes, everything grown in different places taste different because the soil contains different minerals, and different weather also means plants grow differently. Farm animals and dairy products from different countries also taste different because the grain, grass used to feed them are not the same. Even within the same country, water from different states or cities all taste different.

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    i think everything everywhere tastes a little bit different,

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