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Sam asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 9 years ago

Names for SEVEN children + BQs?

Make baby names using the ones I have chosen. Please do not jumble them around. Thanks!

1 (Boy):

First - Damien, Dean, Samuel, Andrew, Louis, William, Teddy.

Middle - Joseph, Darren, Craig, Grant, Rhys, Levy.

2 (Boy):

First - Chandler, Jonathan, Lucas, Damon, Anderson, Leigh, Jacob.

Middle - Yves, Benson, Benjamin, Everett, Adam, Aiden.

3 (Girl):

First - Yvette, Freya, Aubrey, Angelina, Chloe, Georgina, Caitlyn.

Middle - Elizabeth, Amberly, Opal, Tina, Grace, Belle.

4 (Girl):

First - Matilda, Beth, Penelope, Gwendolyn, Aurora, Hailey, Anna.

Middle - Louise, Pearl, Shelley, Saige, Kate, Lily.

5 (Boy):

First - Dayton, Shane, Cooper, Flynn, Kaleb, Hamish, Joel.

Middle - James, Tyler, Pony, Bailey, Kurt, Sean.

6 (Girl):

First - Niamh, Sailor, Harper, Quinn, Melanie, Melody, Kimberly.

Middle - Charlotte, Audrey, Evangeline, Lucy, Leya, Ray.

7 (Boy);

First - Riley, Tyson, Leo, Taite, Allen, River, Liam.

Middle - Trent, Wesley, Jude, Isaac, Scott, Clement.

BQ: Which names are your favourite?

BQ2: From your list, least favourite?

BQ3: Not from your list, least favourite?

BQ4: Do the same, but you can jumble the names up.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    1 - Samuel Rhys

    2 - Chandler Everett

    3 - Aubrey Elizabeth

    4 - Penelope Louise

    5 - Dayton James

    6 - River Isaac

    BQ: LOVE River Isaac, it's what my unborn baby will be named! Chandler, Aubrey, Samuel, Rhys and James are also on 'my list'.

    BQ2: Penelope Louise and Dayton James, but they're still really nice.

    BQ3: Craig, Grant, Aiden, Jacob, Chloe, Caitlyn, Benson, Amberly, Tyler, Lucy, Leo, Allen and Scott.


    - Chandler James

    - River Isaac

    - Aubrey Niamh

    - Angelina Quinn

    - Samuel Jude

    - Jonathan Riley

    - Harper Kimberly

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. William Joseph

    2. Jacob Adam

    3. Freya Elizabeth

    4. Gwendolyn Louise

    5. Joel Bailey

    6. Kimberly Charlotte

    7. Liam Scott

    BQ: Well from my list my favorites are:

    • William Joseph

    • Jacob Adam

    • Gwendolyn Louise

    BQ2: Joel Bailey

    BQ3: Hamish, Pony, Sailor, and Leya

    BQ4: I'm not really sure what you're asking here, but I'm guessing that it means I should do this again but use whichever names I want for first and middle so year that's what I'm gonna do haha

    1. Joseph William

    2. Jacob Chandler

    3. Elizabeth Grace

    4. Gwendolyn Louise

    5. James Bailey

    6. Lucy Charlotte

    7. Wesley Scott


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  • Bleu
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    9 years ago

    Damien Levy

    Jonathan Adam

    Aubrey Grace

    Gwendolyn Louise

    Kaleb Sean

    Melanie Charlotte

    Liam Wesley

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  • 9 years ago

    Dean Joseph

    Lucas Benson

    Aubrey Grace

    Matilda Kate

    Flynn Tyler

    Harper Evangeline

    Leo Wesley

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  • JK.
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    William Joseph

    Lucas Benjamin

    Freya Elizabeth

    Anna Lily

    Flynn Tyler

    Niamh Charlotte

    Leo Wesley

    BQ: William, Joseph, Lucas, Freya, Anna, Lily, Flynn, Joel, Niamh, Wesley and Isaac.

    BQ2: Benjamin, Tyler.

    BQ3: Damien, Grant, Craig, Chandler, Yves, Yvetter, Opal, Gwendolyn, Hamish, River, Trent, Clement.


    Joseph William

    Lucas Benjamin

    Freya Charlotte

    Lily Niamh

    Isaac Louis

    Matilda Niamh

    Wesley Jude

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  • 9 years ago

    Louis Joseph

    Jacob Everett

    Chloe Grace

    Matilda Louise

    Kaleb James

    Melody Charlotte

    Liam Scott

    BQ: Melody Charlotte, Jacob Everett, Chloe Grace. But my favourite is Matilda Louise!

    BQ2: (Kaleb James)

    BQ3: Yvette Opal


    Louis Benjamin

    Jacob Cooper

    Liam Kaleb

    Leo Everett

    Charlotte Lily

    Grace Aurora

    Matilda Louise

    Lucy Harper

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  • Kat
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    1. William Joseph

    2. Lucas Aiden

    3. Angelina Grace

    4. Penelope Kate...Penny as a nickname

    5. Kaleb Sean<----but I think Caleb Shawn looks much better.

    6. Melanie Ray

    7. Tyson Issac

    BQ....William Jospeh and Penelope Kate

    BQ2.. I really don't like Melanie Ray, or the name Tyson.

    BQ3. I don't like Grant, Rhys, River Taite, Sailor, Harper, Quinn on a girl, but boy OK.

    1. Joseph William...Joey

    2. Benjamin Jacab

    3. Elizabeth Grace

    4. Anna Louise

    5. Caleb James

    6. Charlotte Leya

    7. Isaac Scott

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    William Rhys 'Liam'

    Lucas Adam 'Luke'

    Freya Elizabeth

    Hailey Kate

    Kaleb Tyler

    Niamh Charlotte

    Leo Scott

    BQ: I like Liam Rhys, Lucas Adam, Niamh, Hailey and Leo Scott. :)

    My least favourite from my list is Kaleb Tyler, i do really like Tyler though. Elizabeth also..

    Some of the worst - Chandler, Aubrey, Angelina, Opal, Matilda, Gwendolyn, Pearl, Shelley, Hamish, Pony, Sailor, Audrey, Evangeline, Clement.

    I also like James, Wesley, Isaac, Louis, Aidan and Lily.

    If i could make names using the names in all of these lists -

    William Riley 'Liam'

    Tyler James

    Leo Scott

    Aiden Louis

    Adam Samuel

    Lucas Benjamin 'Luke'

    Hailey Anna

    Lily Kate

    Niamh Charlotte - this one doesn't sound right though :/


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  • Megara
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    William Joseph

    Chandler Adam

    Chloe Opal

    Aurora Kate

    Flynn James

    Melanie Lucy

    Leo Jude

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  • 9 years ago

    William Grant

    Damon Everett

    Aubrey Grace

    Gwendolyn Lily

    Kaleb Tyler

    Harper Audrey

    Tyson Jude

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