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Why do i forget words when speaking?

I have a very wide range of vocabulary, i understand words and their meanings very well, especially in movies and books. But each time i want to transmit my idea audibly, i usually face big difficultie with the choice of words to use, my words don't just flow so easily...What can be the cause to this defect please...???

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    When I was learning spanish it was always much easier to study words and memorize them and their meaning. Listening and at times even writing (the first couple of steps of being able to know a language) is easier than speaking. As I was learning spanish and it came time for speaking it was more difficult and I could only say simple sentences or I would pause to look up, or remember, a word.

    Speaking or knowing a language is more than just being able to spit out definitions or vocabulary. You need to skip the step of translating everything in your head or recalling the words you've learned and just say it. A simple example of what I mean is that instead of looking at a chair and thinking, "a chair in spanish is 'silla'" and then translating it into a sentence 'quiero sentar en la silla.' You must be able to just look at it and automatically know what it is in the language you are trying to speak. I hope I am making sense of what I'm trying to say. It takes time and practice to skip the step of translating everything in your head to just being able to say it.

    The best advice I can give you is that you need to read, out loud, books or articles in the language you are trying to learn, it won't work if you just read silently. The other very important thing is you need to speak to natives of that language as much as possible. You'll mess up, and at times it's embarrassing but they will help you and you'll get better. There is no substitute for speaking with natives of that tongue. Take every chance you get, big or small, to do it. Finally, you need to master the grammar. It won't help you to know all the vocab if you are grammatically incorrect.Over time you'll see that your sentences are more complex and just flow naturally and next thing you know you'll be speaking like a pro.

    My friend and I were studying spanish before we moved to Mexico for a couple of years and during our studying he memorized more vocab and didn't focus much on the grammar. Well when we got to mexico for the first couple of months every time he spoke he would have to pause to remember a word he memorized so a simple conversation took forever. People thought he was slow or they would lose interest. I focused more on grammar and didn't know a ton of words so I could Speak fine but I was limited by my vocab. However, it was much easier to learn more vocab than to have to learn all the grammar and the correct use of words and conjugations.

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    Its because its easier to write what you think than verbally speaking. You have more time to think about your response when writing rather than talking. When talking, people expect a rapid response but when writing, you may have a few extra seconds or even minutes which is the critical difference between sounding educated and sympathetic or like an ***. This is one major reason why people are choosing to text rather than call. There is nothing wrong with you. If you are learning a new language like myself, all you can do is practice every single solitary day until it becomes second nature to you. visit the country of the language you are learning so that you are forced to speak that way all the time. If that not an option, make a list of common phrases that you would use all the time to different questions then practice them every day. Repetition is the key. Good luck ;)

    btw If you are learning Spainish try this book: "Easy Spanish Phrase Book: Over 770 Basic Phrases for Everyday Use"

    only $2 bucks on amazon or walmart.com

    contact me if you have additional questions :)

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    That's a relatively humorous query! I am a relatively well speller however I continuously have drawback with activity! Excercise is the way it begins out then I observe I need to repair it! Definitely is an extra one.. it comes out definately! I do not believe there are any longer however there quite often are one or 2 I cannot believe of!

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    I don't know, but I have the same problem. Is English your first language? It's mine, and still I struggle when face-to-face with people. I'd much prefer to write because I can express myself much better that way. Some people just aren't quick thinkers. Other people know just what to say at the exact moment they want to say it. Me, I'll think about it about an hour or two later and kick myself for not thinking of it earlier.

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