Will Ron Paul delegates cast any votes in August GOP Convention? (results of Sat. Feb. 18 voting - Caucus)?

He won the majority of those left uncounted -- will the GOP Chairman of Maine actually do a "true recount" of the results over entire month of Feb. 2012? -- here's some details from Portland, Maine (Press-Herald newspaper online story):

An announced attendance of 306 voters crammed into the cafeteria at Washington Academy in Washington County this morning, a week after the original caucus had been postponed due to snow.

Paul won today's contest easily with 163 votes, compared to Romney's 80, Santorum's 57, Gingrich's four. Two voters were undecided.

He also won Hancock County's caucus, nabbing 41 votes compared to Romney's 16.


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    answer is "Yes" -- the Maine GOP folks will have a State Convention and from the Feb. 2012 voting forward on to the Tampa NATIONAL Convention those who support

    Ron Paul

    Mitt Romney is not going to be able to "claim victory" in Maine

    Source(s): check the coverage of this at www. pressherald . com Portland, Maine online newspaper postings
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    In u . s . a ....the in direction of the truth a political candidate talks....the added he's called a "NUT CASE" by using those who're part of inept authorities in Washington, D.C. and may discredit someone together with Ron Paul as what he believes exposes the hypocrisy of their political critiques and moves by the years! existence-time politicians...fleece u . s . a . and individuals for the most-section and keep the prevalent public guessing as to what they extremely stand for...it really is generally no longer some thing! they merely say one element sometime and yet another element yet another day to thrill whoever they are talking to at any certain time, to keep their self in workplace! Serving the nicely-being of the final public by no skill enters into the equation! The politicians are merely self-serving and it is the reason at the same time as someone like Ron Paul talks the truth he's made out to be a "Nut Case", with out earnings! ought to those styles of experienced American politicians be so sturdy for u . s . a . as they declare they are, why is that this u . s . a . contained in the shape its in below their direction?

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    Your questions confusing. Will he win most of the Maine delegates? Is that what you`re asking?

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