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Books about King Richard I?

I'm doing a research paper for my college history class, and my teacher wants us to use books, for sources. I have found one great book about King Richard the Lionheart (my topic), does anyone else know of one or two good books, that gives good information about King Richard, and that are credible for a research paper.


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    Richard I by John Gillingham

    "Neither a feckless knight-errant nor a king who neglected his kingdom, Richard I was in reality a masterful and businesslike ruler. In this wholly rewritten version of a classic account of the reign of Richard The Lionheart, John Gillingham scrutinizes the reasons for the Kingís fluctuating reputation over successive centuries and provides a convincing new interpretation of the significance of the reign. This edition includes a complete annotation and expanded bibliography"

    Richard the Lionheart The Mighty Crusader by David Miller

    "In a biography as compelling and controversial as its subject, Richard I of England, comes bursting to vivid life. Richard's personality was as imposing as his legend, and his far-ranging adventures make fascinating reading. Travel with Richard through a lifetime dedicated to chivalric warfare, from his campaigns in France to his fearsome battles with the Muslim hero Saladin for control of the Holy Land. A commander who led from the front, Richard the Lionheart devised tactically brilliant military operations that are among the finest examples of the early use of combined arms--and are discussed in detail here. An extensive collection of maps, diagrams, and illustrations, as well as a special section featuring Richard in his own words, enhance the story of his dramatic life."

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    Check out these;

    The Plantagenets by Thomas B. Costain

    - The Conquering Family

    - The Magnificent Century

    - The Three Edwards

    - The Last Plantagenets

    Richard I by Jacob Abbott

    Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (6 of 12)

    Richard the First

    Author: Raphael Holinshed

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