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Should we liberals insist on legislation that will equalize Federal spending by state, so that no state?

receives more than $1 in Federal Spending for each dollar in Federal Tax Revenue paid by residents of that state?

Would this be a great way to provide a reality check to the 44% of GOP Medicare, Medicaid and Unemployment Benefit recipients who insist they've never relied on a Federal Program?

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    this is EXACTLY how federal spending should be apportioned.

    see the link:

    the folks who scream the loudest about federal deficits and states' rights are the same southern conservatives who received the most lop-sided benefits of federal spending and b*tch the loudest about uppity northerners.

    as the website says, i'd be a lot less uppity if they weren't picking my northeast liberal pocket to build their bridges.

    they want to preach self-reliance and responsibility?

    let them buy their own damn stop signs!

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    How about if we just cut the taxes. It would make far more sense than taking the money in the first place. But that would cut into your mommy government, wouldn't it?

    Medicare and unemployment are programs we paid into and are entitled to collect. They are not anybodies expense, they are our money and not the government's. Since I have never collected a dime of unemployment I will cheerfully agree to have my portion returned to me or spent on educational programs for people really in need and looking for work.

    I'll bet a realistic polling would demonstrate the vast majority of people on Medicaid are left wingers. Bet you forgot about how they vote...conveniently.

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    9 years ago

    Can I climb on board with that attempt. Cause it wont work. But I like the sound of it anyway.

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    Sounds great!

    Will you make sure I get back the exact percentage of what I put in as the welfare recipient down the street?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    mmhmmm...nice if we could do that, but with military spending bases, ports so spread...& don't forget Customs at ports & airports. Better to reduce govt spending to a minimum.

  • 9 years ago

    Why not let people just keep that $1 in the first place?

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