Can i appoint MD/CEO in limited company?

Some Limited Company ( SMEs not over 100 employee ) used title MD/CEO as the same person (owner).

Some Public Company (unlimited employee) used Title President/CEO or chairman/CEO as the same person

how SMEs Company could design Organisation with MD/CEO or CEO,Director,MD

which one is better?

what is difference between CEO/MD as the same person in small business?

thank you very much

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  • 9 years ago
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    Chairman is the person to whom the board of directors report, which will include the CEO. Managing Direector probably has the same equivalence of a Director. Directors can be of different levels i.e., you will have each of them with separate set of resonsibilities and contributions. Some could even be Honorary Director in which case he is not a full time director but is on the board for the erudition, experience etc and also to attest to the company's honour.

    Usually the directors in the company are elected every few years in order to bring more synergy to the company. If the company is a private limited company, then the owners can appintment anyone to any position depending on their discretion.

    Titles have no meaning in themselves. It is the character, knowledge and expereince makes each of the perform better.

    In one company I know the topmost guy calls himself the "Chief Worker" hehehe

  • 4 years ago

    The Secretary could be appointed concern to approval by ability of the board of directors. a business enterprise's Memorandum & Articles of affiliation could routinely specify any particular standards for the positioned up. as an occasion a percentcould be anticipated to have a solicitor as secretary.

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