Tax refund dd on Feb. 14...did anyone recieve dd?

Did anyone who was supposed to get refund on 2/14 get it.....still didnt get emails or any info from wmr.

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  • 9 years ago
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    i was told by my preparer i was suppose to get mine feb 14th but because of the system that they say does not effect the refunds which is bullshit cuz peoples refunds woulda been on time..i have had no information from wmr or calling cuz the system is a piece of ****..i am in the same boat as you..i heard that alot of people who filed beginning of feb should be gettin theres the 21st 22nd some even said the lets cross our fingers..but if u dont get it buy tuesday or weds i would call the irs cuz thats close to 3 week i kno i will be

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    4 years ago

    I did mine 2/6 grew to become into elementary 2/7 I had the dd date for 2/28 now no longer some thing so I reported because of the fact the IRS an grew to become into instant my refund grew to become into in errors for the previous 10 days wth??? an that they needed better suggestion so now im waiting on a letter an WMR grew to become into nevertheless putting forward 2/28 no errors code now no longer some thing now it says we've recieved your refund an this is being processed without tax place of work reported the two thier going to dd my refund or furnish the letter so now Im only waiting Ive been waiting on the letter for 3 weeks now I cant do some thing w/o the damn letter their taking their time to furnish....yet good fulfillment some ppl are nevertheless getting theirs tho so bypass your hands... ((((ARIS)))) call an shop pressing 0 an you would be related to a stay rep....good fulfillment.

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