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when can i get health insurance? does it matter?

my wife is looking for health insurance and has found one that has a $1200 deductable but she says it is cheeper than a few others. is that normal? $1200 deductible for one person just seems like a bit much to me. and the company hasnt asked her why she needs insurance. i thought you could only get insurance during certain periods like a few weeks a year or if there was a major change in your life, like a marriage, divorce, or loss of other isurance or something. my wife is telling me thats not the case but i need to be sure. we just got married a month and a half ago so im hoping that will help. any advice would be great.

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    If you have employer based insurance you can only make changes at open enrollment or after life events.

    She is looking for private insurance which can be start at any time.

    Like your wife is finding it is you are a healthy person it makes sense to pay day to day medical expenes out of pocket, have a higher deductible, ability to contribute to an HSA plan, etc.

    For example: I had a individual plan with a $2800 deductible that paid 80/20 up to $7500; the premium was $179. I changed it to a $4000 deductible that paid 100% when the $4000 was met and cost $129.

    If I have the insurance for 1 year and then have $7500 in medical expensese:

    Original Plan I would have paid = premiums - $2148, deductible - $2800, co pay $940 = total $5888

    New Plan = premiums $1548, deductible = $4000, co pay = 0 = $5548

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    Your question only applies to your wife. Do you have health insurance? Did she find this insurance online or did she talk to an insurance agent? Does this insurance include maternity? A $1,200 deductible believe it or not is actually low for a private policy. Most today are $2,500 to as high as a $10,000 deductible.

    Do either you or your wife have health insurance through work? If so, contact them, since both of you are newly married, may qualify to add the spouse, but since this is over a month, maybe not qualified till renewal.

    If no employer health insurance, suggest before she purchase to talk to a real agent that can get advice on what she is buying. She needs to understand if there is a better deal or not and a qualified agent can explain.

    good luck

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    You can buy insurance from an insurance company during any part of the year.

    You can only get insurance from your employer during certain periods or when there is a major life event, but that rule only applies to insurance you get through your job. Those restrictions do not apply to if you get insurance directly from an insurance company without going through your employer.

    A deductible of only $1200 seems very low (my deductible is over $4000, for one person).

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    Health Insurance provides compensation against the specified diseases. As you stated in your questions health insurance won't give any coverage to major changes in life viz. marriage, divorce. Being treatment cost is high in these days, better to have health plan for each member of family. You can take floater health plan which covers husband, wife and two children under single plan. Star health & allied insurance, Max Bupa, Apollo Munich are specialized in health insurance.

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    The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly cost. That's just how it is. To calculate the cost, though, you have to add your monthly payments for a full year, TO the deductible.

    As long as she's not pregnant, she can buy PRIVATE health insurance, whenever she wants.

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