a varactor diode has C0 equal to 320 pF?

a varactor diode has C0 equal to 320 pF. plot a curve of capacitance versus Vr from 0-20 V. the diode is used with a 200-micro Hertz coil. plot the resonant frequency versus Vr from 0-20 V and suggest how the response could be linearized please and thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    Varactor characteristics aren't linear http://spraguegoodman.com/pdfs/950.pdf The only way to plot a curve would be to either do an actual Vr versus capacitance or simulate it on one of the many electronic simulation programs. Assuming you meant 200μH for the value of the inductor the resonant frequency would be around 630KHz at 320pf.

  • Rick
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    9 years ago

    The resonant frequency is fr=1/(2 pi sqrt(L C)). In order to plot fr vs Vr you need to know how C varies with frequency. The last part of your question regarding phase makes no sense.

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