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2010 Alice in wonderland??????

The newest verison of Alice in Wonderland, what scene is using montage or parallel editing? and If you know one can you describe it to me by saying what was the dramatic effect of the editing has on the movie

thanks in advance

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  • Ann
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    8 years ago
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    Alice in Wonderland [2010] happened to be playing on cable tonight. After reading your question, I found it and watched the last part hoping to see examples of the kind of editing you're talking about. I saw one example of montage. There may have been other examples earlier.

    In the scene I saw, after the White Queen tells Alice that she will have to battle the Jabberwock alone, Alice runs off by herself feeling full of fear. She then sees Absalom (the caterpillar), and has a conversation with him. He asks if she remembers when she was there before as a child. Alice thinks back and this is when a montage is used. The audience sees the various moments that Alice is recalling of herself as a child in Wonderland. She then states that Wonderland is real and Absalom proclaims that she is Alice at last. Understanding who she is gives her confidence because she believes in herself.

    The montage's "dramatic effect,' which means an attempt to increase the interest of the audience, in that scene is that the audience can SEE what Alice is remembering. Seeing the different scenes of herself as a child in a quick montage is similar to the way our thoughts really work plus the visuals make her memories more real to the viewers and cover a longer period of time in seconds. It's also a turning point for Alice as she recalls the truth about herself, allowing her to believe in her own courage rather than her fears. The Jabberwock represents that fear and she goes on to kill it. All of this allows her to return to her real life and say no to the man everyone wants her to marry.

    If you would like more information about this kind of editing, below are definitions & examples on video.

    A montage is a mix of edited scenes strung together. This technique is often used to show passage of time. I couldn't find any youtube videos of the montage in Alice in Wonderland but here's an example in the film, Forrest Gump. The montage occurs during his running scenes, starting near the 2 minute mark and repeated each time it shows him running.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I don't know if there is parallel editing in Alice in Wonderland, but here's an example of it in Silence of the Lambs, the film shows two separate scenes and goes back and forth between the two. It definitely has the dramatic effect of building suspense by allowing the audience to see what is happening in both places.

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    6 years ago

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