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Lee asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 8 years ago

Who should I keep in my fantasy baseballl keeper team?

Hi guys, this guys keeper league lost a player, and he asked me if I wanted to fill in for him.... Sooo, I said yes, and I need some help deciding who to keep... We can keep 8 players. Here is my team I can chose from

Carlos Santana

Eric Hosmer

Michael Cuddyer

Carl Crawford

Logan Morrison

Chris Young

Nick Markakis

Nick Swisher

Neil Walker

Yunel Escobar

Gaby Sanchez

Ian Desmond

Jason Kubel

Vernon Wells

Aaron Hill

Brian Roberts

Rajai Davis


Felix Hernandez

CC sabathia

Yovani Gallardo

Jon Lester

Stephen Strausburg

Jose Valverde

Chris Carpenter

Carlos Marmol

Joakim Soria

Kyle Farnsworth

Edinson Volquez

Francisco Rodriguez

Josh Collmenter

Who Should I keep? I can keep 8 Players.... Also, Who do you think I should Draft in the draft?

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  • 8 years ago
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    your strength is your pitching. go into this season loaded at pitcher and draft the best hitters available.







    Marmol or Soria

    Crawford - bounce back year

    i'd try to trade one of the SPs (maybe Gallardo) for a big bat. i'm sure there's a trading partner out there with no arms but plenty of hitters. if the best power hitters are already being kept, this is how you get one of them. maybe target someone like Adrian Gonzalez or Votto. you might have to toss in Marmol/Soria, make it a 2-for-2. try to work out a deal before you have to declare keepers, let the other guy look over your full roster.

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  • 8 years ago

    Felix Hernandez

    CC Sabathia

    Carl Crawford

    Yovani Gallardo

    Jon Lester

    Aaron Hill

    Joakim Soria

    Eric Hosmer

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