What are my chances of getting into these colleges?

Stanford, UC Berkeley, Rice University.

I am a senior.


UW gpa: 3.88

SAT score: 2250

AP classes: 10, with all AP tests scoring 4 or better

National Honor Society

High Honors Student (every quarter, for all four years)

Sports (I don't plan on doing a sport in college):

Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Sportsmanship Conference Selectee

Cross Country (Varsity all four years, state-open championship qualifier, Central Connecticut Conference All-Academic Team)

Swimming (Freshmen year, state-championship qualifier, Rookie of the Year award)

Indoor Track (Sophomore and senior year, state-championship qualifier)

Outdoor Track (Sophomore and senior year, state championship qualifier)


Class Treasurer

Founded our school's Mandarin Club (I am the teacher of the club as well and there are 25 members in the club

Newspaper club sports and entertainment editor

Community Service club vice president

Alliance of Students and Principles Selectee

Freshmen Leadership Advisory Group Selectee


Connecticut Children's Medical Center (read books to kids)- 54 hours

Chinese Language Summer Camp- 80 hours

Rocky Hill Sea Lions Swim Team Volunteer- 12 hours


Partner at Youtube (Cinematography and Hip-Hop Choreography videos)

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  • 8 years ago
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    if you are a senior its too late your application should of been done before january 1st but if youdid your chances are pretty good.

  • 3 years ago

    you have a stable possibility of entering into. have you ever made your record in accordance to reaches, safeties, and 50/50? a number of your faculties might quite reject you, by way of fact they determine you're stable adequate to get right into a greater "elite" college (i become rejected from a cal state, yet have been given into George Washington!). have you ever apart from might made your record in accordance to affordability? Your GPA is wonderful while you're actually not questioning of ivy league. apart from, after taking 3 AP courses in line with semester in my junior and senior years, and all honors courses, i can enable you recognize AP is a waste of time. you're taking a course, and you ought to get credit in case you bypass the examination with a score your college will settle for. OR, you could bypass to community college, bypass the course, and it counts regardless, as long as that's transferable! IF money is a controversy, i could take courses at a community college that flow over, and you could enter college with a million/2 your freshman twelve months knocked off. In different words, on your 2d semester, you're a sophomore!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

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