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Good card on FNF tonight, who ya got?

Mike Dallas (17-2-1) vs. Miguel Gonzalez (20-2)

Shawn Estrada (13-0) vs. Terrance Woods (9-3)

Injuries have slowed Estrada down more than any fighter he's faced thus far in his career. His pressure style has produced 12 knockouts in his 13 fights, 10 in the first round. A 2008 Olympian, 2012 should be a breakout year for this talented prospect.

The main event should be a good one. Gonzalez was a 2008 U.S. National Champion as an amateur, who got off to a rough start professionally, (6-2) but has rebounded nicely, winning 14 straight.

Dallas Jr is coming off two straight losses, but was absolutely robbed imo in his last fight w/ Mauricio Herrera.

How do you see the fights playing out?

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    Estrada definitely looks like he's gonna win this one. It's disgusting how overweight he was at the weigh-in though. This guy he's fighting is already overmatched, and then for Estrada to come in at 196lb is pathetic.

    Estrada seems to always act like he's a bad man or something, he should cool with the mean mugging and stop acting like a douche.

    I favor Dallas Jr in the main event. I was watching the Knicks game, changed the channel and caught Teddy saying something about a hand injury?

    I don't know if he was talking about Dallas or not, but either way I gotta take him over Gonzalez (who I've never seen fight). I agree with you that MDJ got robbbed bad against Herrera, and his loss to Lopez wasn't great but Lopez is a good fighter.

    I'm taking Estrada by decisino and Dallas Jr by decision.

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  • Mike Dallas & Shawn Estrada on ESPN Friday Night Fights;_ylt=ApyxW...

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