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What do you think about Maryland becoming the 8th US state to legalize Gay Marriage?

The Maryland House just passed it, and there's already enough votes in the State Senate.

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    I am a gay man and it would of course, be a great day for America if Maryland joins the other few states that have done the right thing and approved this civil right! Its obvious, that the majority of most states, will NOT allow gays to marry in their states, especially in the south. When I think of other countries, like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Western and Northern Europe, they are light years ahead of the US when it comes to recognizing gay marriage. It is definately a struggle here but is worth the fight! Hopefully, the Democrats will rebound this fall and retake many state legislatures they lost in 2010. In that way, and only that way, will we see equal rights for gays-today's Republicans are very homophobic and are running against the tide of public opinion! Romney has been a flip-flopper on this issue (like most other issues!), and can't be counted on to support us if he is elected. Santorum compares gays to beastiality! It is very sad how extremist the GOP has become over the last decade...Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would be perceived as too liberal to get the GOP nomination today. In fact, Mr Conservative, Barry Goldwater, before leaving the US Senate in 1986, came out in support of allowing gays to marry AND to serve openly in the military!!!

  • Andy F
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    I'm pro gay rights, I'm not so interested in gay marriage, but if they want to do this, I think it's okay.

    What about Maryland taking another giant step or two now, now that the gay marriage issue has been decided?

    How about Maryland following the example of Vermont, and establishing a state system of "single payer" health insurance, as an alternative to Romney Care and Obama Care, and as an alternative to leaving poor people with no insurance coverage at all?

    And how about Maryland establishing some kind of state system -- a state level "Civilian Conservation Corps" like the federal CCC in the 1930s, for instance -- to provide paying a decent paying job to every state resident who wants one?

    I applaud Maryland for upholding the rights of gay people, if in fact they're doing this. But now, how about Maryland addressing the basic economic needs of the bottom "99 percent" of the population -- gay and straight, women & men, black & white & Hispanic, and regardless of religion or lack of religion?

    -- democratic socialist

    "Working people of all backgrounds -- UNITE!"

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    Good for them. That is how these issues should always work, they're state issues not federal issues. There will be 8 states where that lifestyle is accepted and 42, so far, where it's not. So 16% of the country has made a choice to accommodate 2% of the population. That really should be enough.

  • Rick31
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    I think all the states that have legalized it voted for Obama in 2008. Enough said. Liberal states all of them.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It makes me mad! Why should we have to have our rights legalized? Theyre rights, which are guaranteed to ALL citizens! Its a travesty, a disgusting thing that state by state, we have to convince people to give us our unalienable rights. The same ones all US citizens are, by decree of the founders, supposed to have.

    Oh dont get me wrong, I'm very glad that it is okay to get married in Maryland now. But it disgusts me that we have to keep getting it legalized.

    These are our RIGHTS. The ones guaranteed to us. Why do we have to keep fighitng for them?! its messed up. Its really messed up.

  • Steve
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    The only way it would ever be legal here is if the Supreme Court forced the entire country to legalize it.

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    I don't. We have far too many big problems to worry about. If a dude is going to do another dude, that leaves more women for the straight guys!

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    More anti nature perversion. Homo sexuality/lesbianism is contrary to Natural Law (no religion here).The only purpose in nature for MATING is procreation of the species.So tell me how two men or two women can create more homo sexuals or lesbians.Wake up people !

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    It seemed inevitable. Perhaps the lobbying by former VP Cheney and former RNC Chairman Mehlman did some good.

  • I don't live in Maryland, so I really don't think about it.

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