Whats wrong with my steam download?

im currently trying to download "Team fortress 2" and "Alliance of vallient arms" off STEAM, but the download just keeps going to peak of about 600 Bytes and then drops to 0 Bytes and wont start again.

my PC is plugged into a modem (not wireless) and im downloading at night so i get the best download speed possible. why does it keep going to 0 bytes and staying there and any ideas how to fix it.

i have tried restarting the download and my PC and restarting the modem

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Try switching download regions in Steam, even if it's a bit further away from you.

    In the Steam client click Steam in the top left

    Click Settings

    On the pop up window click Downloads + Cloud

    The third drop down box is where you change your download region, choose another relatively nearby region.

    For example I normally use the London server region but when it plays up I'll switch it to Paris, Marseille or Netherlands and it usually helps with my downloads.

  • 4 years ago

    That seems ordinary, I certainly have incredibly reliable connection, and mine frequently caps around a million MB. it would in basic terms be a cap set by utilising Steam, so their servers are not overloaded with ridiculous get carry of speeds. the two way, you in all probability won't could get carry of extra effective than 25 gigs for a game, it would be advantageous at that velocity.

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