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At what age is RETIREMENT in USA?

Also when can you start receiving from the government?

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  • Lynn
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    A person can retire at any age, if they have the means to support themselves and pay all of their bills.

    But to receive money from the government, they must be 62, to receive a portion of what they would

    get if they had waited until the official age of 65. Then they receive the full amount of their SS.

    If physical health is a problem at the age of 62, then it would feel beneficial to retire then. But

    if they remain in good health, waiting until 65, would be the better choice and recieve the full

    amount. I've heard that they intend to raise the bar to a higher age, due to more people living

    longer. So it would pay to check with the SS administration, to see where the age is set now.

  • Milton
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    8 years ago

    This is two parts. You can receive social security at 62 if you are not still earning over $12,000 a year. At 67, you get full benefits even if you choose to continue working full time. Different jobs have different retirement ages. The military is 20 years of service so you can retire with a pension before you are 40. For many teachers and police, it is 55. Most retire somewhere in their mid to late 60s based on their health. There is no forced retirement age in most jobs.

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    You can see the facts for yourself by going to the website:

    A person who is working and has enough work credits can take early retirement at age 62.

    BUT, this will only allow them to receive the lowest monthly benefit amount for the rest of their lives.

    The longer a person waits to retire, the more money they will get.

    I was forced into retirement at the age of 51 after I was injured and deemed disabled.

    I was too old to receive retraining. When I turn 62, I am eligible (because I worked and paid into the system) to start receiving my early retirement benefits. This will be more than I currently receive from disability each month and l will be stuck with that amount until the day I die. I have almost 3 years to wait until I reach the age of 62. If I had never worked, I guess I would only receive welfare and food stamps. Perhaps SSI instead. I should go to the website and read it myself!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you work for an employer and quit working at age 65, you are eligible for Social Security benefits. In today's economy people are working as long as their hearts keep pumping.

    People on disability can collect benefits before age 65.

    You can also work and collect SS benefits. Check with the SS department for details.

    Even self employed people are eligible under the same rules. However, paying into the SS fund while self employed might have an effect of what you are eligible to collect. Again, check with SS.

    Retirement age people are preferring to work to have more income for obvious reasons.

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  • Flower
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    8 years ago

    You can get a partial benefit at age 62 but the full amount is at age 66 or 67 and up depending on what year you were born and it is going up.

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    A Republican retirement is soon after a Republican is elected president and you are 60 or older. The company you work for lays you off because younger people work cheaper. Because, there is such a thing as Age discrimination, you can't get a job. If you are lucky to be old enough to get SS, you do it to pay the bills.

  • Deb R
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    67 for Social Security. 55 is the standard age for pensions, retiring from a job. But the 'real' answer is whenever the person who wants to retire feels like they are financially able to, which in many cases now is past age 55.

  • Kembek
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    8 years ago

    For me it was 55.

    You can start receiving social security at 62 IF you paid into it.

  • jonds
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    8 years ago

    52 1/2

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